The Crown Season 4: Olivia Colman Says She Will Miss Laughing With Everyone On Set

Oscar winning-actress Olivia Colman feels it will be hard for her to top the experience of shooting for the web-series The Crown, though she would love to play other roles.

“As an actor, I am excited to play other roles but I have enjoyed this job so much and I will miss sitting with and laughing with everyone on set. We really were having the time of our lives, and that group of people will be a very hard act to follow,” Colman said, reports femalefirst.co.uk.



The 46-year-old Olivia Colman enjoyed shooting in picturesque Scotland for scenes where the royals were on their summer break at their Balmoral estate.

“Balmoral is where the Windsor family properly gets to escape, enjoy the outdoors and do what they really love. And actually, I think we all enjoyed our weeks filming in Scotland more than any others,” Colman said.

“It was so breathtakingly beautiful, so friendly. Filming outside by those lochs and on those hills was thrilling. I normally start to fade by 3 pm but there I never had that feeling. I loved it. I loved the dogs and the Land Rovers. And who knew a silk headscarf actually does keep your ears warm?” Olivia Colman added.

She also praised her make-up artiste for the “joy” she brought every day on set.

“My make-up artist, Sue David, is the greatest joy of the day. She’s the fastest worker. She’s done my wig, make-up, drunk a cup of tea and I’m out of the chair laughing at her jokes before anyone else has even said good morning. This season there is a bit of grey coming into the temples, and less in the eyelash department,” said Olivia Colman.

The much-awaited The Crown Season 4 is all set to start streaming from November 15 on Netflix. The show is set to feature Emma Corrin in the role of immensely loved Lady Diana and fans can’t wait to see her playing the role.

Interestingly Emma Corrin wanted to play the role of Lady Diana with as much honesty as possible. The actress recently revealed that she specially asked the scriptwriters of The Crown Season 4 to add graphic bulimia scenes to depict the eating disorder Lady Diana battled with.

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