The Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons Almost Missed Being Cast As Sheldon, Here’s Why!
The Big Bang Theory: The Creator Did Not Want To Cast Jim Parsons As Sheldon & The Reason Will Surprise You ( Photo Credit – Getty Images / Jim Parsons; IMDb / The Big Bang Theory )

We are sure that most of you must have been an avid viewers of The Big Bang Theory. There must be hardly anyone who has not seen the show, right? If we ask anyone today, what made your show worth the watch their answer will be Jim Parsons and his acting. But did you know series creator Chuck Lorre was apprehensive about the actor taking the role?

Parsons’ performance earned him Golden Globe and Emmy awards, so we are sure that the viewers and the critics must have loved his performance. But, it was his poor audition that forced the series creator to doubt the actor’s talent. Keep reading further to know all the details about it.

According to Comic Book, the exec thought Jim Parsons was too good and too expertly embodied that character to the point that he thought he wouldn’t be able to repeat the impressive performance on a weekly basis. As we all know, Lorre was clearly incorrect in this instance, with Parsons going on to play the character over the course of 12 seasons.

“We saw — oh God, I don’t know, 100 people?” series co-creator Bill Prady shared with People. “And when Jim Parsons came in, he was Sheldon on a level — you know, there were people who came in, and you went, ‘Okay, well, he’s kind of okay,’ ‘Oh, he’s pretty good,’ ‘Maybe he’s the guy.’ And Jim came in, and he was just — from that audition, he was the Sheldon that you saw on television.”

He added, “He created that character at that audition. And he left the room, and I turned, and I went, ‘That’s the guy! That’s the guy! That’s the guy!’ And Chuck turned, and he said, ‘Nah, he’s gonna break your heart. He’ll never give you that performance again.”

“I have to say, in the story of my relationship with Chuck, the number of times that I’m right and Chuck is wrong may be… I’m gonna go with one,” the co-creator admitted. “This may be the only example of where I actually was right. And Jim Parsons came back in the next day and gave us that exact same performance again. It was like, ‘This is Sheldon.'”

Parsons proved so entertaining in the role of Sheldon, the character got his own spin-off with Young Sheldon. Additionally, when the performer felt his time had come with the character, the series came to an end as opposed to attempting to continue forward without such an integral component.

How much did you love Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory?

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