Warner Bros Demand Runtime Cut In The Batman
Robert Pattinson Starrer The Batman To Go Through The Scissor? (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The Batman that stars Robert Pattinson and is directed by Matt Reeves, has become one of the most anticipated films across the globe. While the buzz around the film continues to grow with each passing day, it isn’t completely positive. Over the past couple of weeks, we have heard many rumours about the film, one of which also indicates a creative difference on the sets of the film.

If you haven’t come across the news around The Batman’s runtime, the movie is said to be 180 minutes longs which is 3 hours. Fans have hooked their hope to the Robert Pattinson starrer and want it to set the Gotham saviour on the top again replicating the glory Christopher Nolan gave it back in the time with his Dark Knight trilogy. But seems like DC is not happy with the run time. Below is all you need to know about this shocking update of the day.



If the latest reports on We Got This Covered are to go by, the Warner Bros heads are not really on the same page with Matt Reeves on the runtime. Said to be 3 hours long, The Batman is a long affair and Matt wants it to be that way. DC on the other hand wants him to streamline the movie and chop it down. As per the portal, the studio wants the makers to cut down the film by 30 minutes or so. Now it will be sceptical to see if chopping off such an integral part affects the film.

Apart from this, The Batman has been in the headlines for many reasons. The first one being the rift between Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves on the sets. The other being WB not happy with the first cut of the film. Later we also heard that Pattinson wants his version of the Cape Crusader to have multiple love interests in one film. It was followed by contradictory rumours that Warner Bros want Gotham saviour to get married to Catwoman in the future films.

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