Thanos In His New 'Warrior' Look Looks Ready To Face Avengers Once Again (Pic credit: Instagram/jsmarantz)
Thanos Looks More Bada* Than Ever In His New ‘Warrior’ Look(Pic credit: Instagram/jsmarantz)

Avengers will always be incomplete without Thanos. The purple-headed monster did something brutal things to our favourite pack of superheroes. From Iron Man to Captain America, we lost a few of the best ones on this journey of Endgame.


The raw look of Thanos indeed gave him that extra badas* spunk he deserves. But, Marvel Studios’ concept artist Jerad Marantz has come up with an alternate look for the ‘warrior’ in him, and this is the much younger one.


Marantz took to his Instagram and posted, “Love showing process! This was an earlier pass on warrior Thanos for Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. At this point, I’d gotten pretty far with an earlier version that was almost approved before going back to the drawing board. These images show how I work. I like to block out shapes and kind of work on the manikin.”

He also added, “I had these sliding pectoral plates on this version that I was pretty proud of. I imagine they would roll over as Thanos would move his shoulders. I did a few sketches before blocking things in, ultimately changing directions to the final warrior version, but this was part of the journey. You can actually see quite a few elements in this design that made it to the final. It’s a very fun way to work, but not a lot of productions give you the opportunity to find the design through modelling.”

Check out the look below:

Also, regarding Thanos, did you know this wasn’t his first and decisive name? He was supposed to be called something else but then Thanos stick to him.

An article published on Gizmodo about Thanos’ name states, “Issue #14 of Thanos opens with its titular character reflecting on his distant past—specifically the day he was born on the Saturn’s moon Titan to a woman named Sui-San. The day was Wednesday and everything about Thanos’ delivery was seemingly normal until Sui-San was able to actually look at her baby. Unlike Sui-San, who resembled Earth humans like all other Titans, her son was born with his signature purple skin and jet-black eyes in which she could already see that he was destined to be the arbiter of the universe’s destruction. Understandably, seeing the end of all things almost immediately drove Sui-San mad, and Thanos explains that in the final moments of her sanity, she realised her son was to be called ‘Thanos.’”

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