Susan Sarandon casually comes out as bisexual on late night chat show
Susan Sarandon Confirms Her Sexuality On The Jimmy Fallon Show! ( Photo Credit – Show Still )

Hollywood superstar Susan Sarandon casually confirmed her sexuality during her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week.

The actress and gay icon casually confirmed her own bisexuality when making a joke about cats and dogs earlier this week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, reports

During the chat, Jimmy Fallon pointed out that the superstar had brought her dogs out on a previous appearance she had made on the show. Susan Sarandon then informed the host that unfortunately, her dogs had died a year before.

Susan Sarandon said: “My little creatures all passed away. I can’t talk about it because I still get upset. It was about a year ago. I was feeling sad.. and I said, I can’t get another dog. I just can’t,’ you know? And (my son) said, “Well, then get cats.’ And I’m bi, so”

Fallon took the chance to probe further, asking the star: “So you mean you like dogs and cats?”

The actress made a tongue in cheek comment saying: “I’m fluid, I’m very fluid where animals are concerned.”

True to her word, Susan Sarandon now owns a cat called Ida and she has described the animal as a ‘b***h’ as well as ‘the saddest looking cat ever’.

In an effort to help cheer up her cat, Susan went on to get two more – although she insists that this didn’t work in upping her cat’s spirits.

Jimmy Fallon took the chance to joke that with her growing family of cats Susan had become a “cat lady”.

This isn’t the first time Susan Sarandon has mentioned her sexuality isn’t heterosexual, with past comments she’s made in the public eye teasing her interest in men and women.

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