Who Is Steve Harvey & Marjorie Elaine’s Bodyguard Big Boom?
Steve Harvey & Wife Marjorie’s Bodyguard Big Boom’s Social Media Posts On ‘Pain’ Go Viral!(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Elaine were victims of fake news when rumours around trouble in paradise recently spread like wildfire. Reports suggested that the comedian’s wife cheated upon him with her bodyguard and chef. But the negative tabloid pieces were shut down in no time by the couple. Scroll below for details as fans dig out some interesting details related to the entire drama.

The viral bodyguard in question is William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman. Many unknown facts about his association with the celebrity couple were unveiled during the cheating rumours. He was the one who turned cupid for them back in 2005. As per several sources online, he’s currently active on Facebook by the name ‘Big BOOM the bodyguard’ and shares motivational quotes almost every day.

It looks like Big Boom is not just a bodyguard, but also has been a follower of Steve Harvey, who daily shares motivational posts on his social media handles. But what has come to limelight is his sayings on ‘pain’ and ‘secrets in a relationships’ that may have been relating to the Marjorie Elaine cheating scandal.

In one of the Facebook posts, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine’s bodyguard wrote, “I want lovers to realize that when you’re in love and living a criminal lifestyle, you can’t tell your loved one every single thing because at some point you’re probably going to break up. And women will tell everything when they are mad to get back at you. You may think the relationship is asleep, but once you break up, everything you’ve done in the relationship wakes up to the public. So to be careful of the secrets you tell the person you love, that can get you life in prison.”

Another post read, “I think Beauty hides pain. I’m talking about beautiful homes, cars, people and women. That’s because we look at the outside and we don’t realize there’s a lot of pain inside. That’s just the part they pay the most attention to because that’s what we’re paying attention to. But a lot of times we lose ourselves trying to create a false pretense for others to see. There’s a broken heart inside of those big walls, There’s a little troubled mind inside that nice fancy car. There’s a lonely woman behind that beautiful look. Take care of your pain and you won’t have to spend so much money trying to hide it.”

Well, only Big Boom can reveal who his inspiration behind such posts is.

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