Stephen Sanchez harnesses old school energy in new single 'Be More'
Stephen Sanchez harnesses old school energy in new single ‘Be More’ (Photo Credit: Instagram)

American pop star Stephen Sanchez has just dropped his new single ‘Be More’, and he has gone full-on old school here, capturing the vibe of ’60s and ’70s pop, with the music video also giving a vintage vibe.

The 20-year-old Nashville-based singer gave one of the best vocal performances of his career so far, belting out some extremely beautiful high notes and delivering them with great emotion, with the accompanying piano and simple drums giving it a very jazz-like vibe.

It may not be too prudent to say that Stephen Sanchez actually looks a little like Elvis Presley here, and even his style is a bit reminiscent of some of the pop tunes that Elvis, John Lennon or Paul McCartney have belted out in their careers. While he may not have the chops of these legends, he certainly has that vibe, and that alone is highly refreshing.

The single is a part of his upcoming album ‘Angel Face’ which chronicles the life and times of the fictional Stephen Sanchez known as ‘The Troubadour Sanchez’ who finds fame based on his 1958 hit ‘Until I Found You’ only for his world to flip upside down upon meeting his love Evangeline in 1964.

Talking about ‘Be More’ Sanchez said: “It’s a dialogue between lovers, in this case ‘The Troubadour Sanchez’ and Evangeline. ‘The Troubadour Sanchez’ is saying how much he wants Evangeline and asking her to ‘Be More’. For instance, ‘Be More’ is far more than ‘I love you’ and ‘I need you’.”

“Both sides are begging and proclaiming love. That’s the purpose of the song. It affirms your love is far more than you could ever understand, know, or hold within your hands by yourself,” he added.

Commenting on ‘Angel Face’, Stephen said: “When you hear Angel Face, I want you to know that these songs were written for you to soundtrack the moments of great love and great heartache within your lives. There’s a song for the state of every soul. When you listen to this story, I hope you find yourself within it. I hope that you might find them within it—the person who makes this life far more beautiful.”

Sanchez paved the way for ‘Angel Face’ with his recent single ‘Only Girl’, which he first debuted live on his sold-out tour this spring, leaving fans clamouring for its official release. The accompanying cinematic visualiser notably stars the same actress, Frances O’Sullivan, from the ‘Evangeline’ visualiser.

To add to the young musician’s achievements, Stephen performed his Double-Platinum, billion-plus streaming hit ‘Until I Found You’ with the legendary Sir Elton John during his last show ever headlining Glastonbury. He also performed the love song at Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s star-studded wedding earlier this summer.

‘Be More’ premiered on Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist, paving the way for the arrival of Sanchez’s anxiously awaited, full-length debut album, ‘Angel Face’ which will hit platforms on September 22, 2023.

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