Shazam Fame Zachary Levi Gets Roasted By The Internet After He Calls SAG-AFTRA Union Rules Dumb
Shazam Fame Zachary Levi Gets Roasted By The Internet After He Calls SAG-AFTRA Union Rules Dumb (Picture Credit: Instagram)

The on-going SAG-AFTRA strike seemed to have divided Hollywood as some actors have been opposing the idea whereas, most of them are extending their unwavering support to the cause. Actor Zachary Levi got on the wrong side of the Internet after he called the SAG-AFTRA guidelines dumb as he is not able to speak about his work and not able to discuss his previous work as well. Scroll down to know how the Internet roasted him.

Hollywood stars like Adam Sandler, Kevin Bacon, Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick, Colin Farrell, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick and Jessica Chastain, among a few others have been openly supporting the SAG-AFTRA strike. Some others have also been sharing how they were severely underpaid.

Circling back to Zachary Levi’s comments on the rules of SAG-AFTRA strike, as per The Daily Mail, the actor shared, “’This is so dumb,” adding, “’I’m not allowed to talk about any of my previous work.” The actor made comments at the Manchester Comic-Con claiming that he found fault with union rules as they do not allow him to discuss his past work. While making indirect references about his work on his projects such as Chuck, Tangled and the Shazam!, Levi added, “I’m not allowed to talk about movies that I may be a superhero in. I’m not allowed to talk about TV shows that I may have been a nerd who worked at a Best Buy. I’m not allowed to talk about any animated princess movies that I was fantastic in as the best prince ever! I’m not allowed to talk about those things.”

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Social media users were quick to take Zachary Levi down as one user posted, “MEN NEED TO STOP SPEAKING,” as another mentioned, “WHY DOES HE SPEAK SO MUCH LIKE SHUT UP.” A person stated, “He shouldn’t be allowed to talk about Shazam because that movie was crap period.”

Another shared, “Omg he’s so annoying he supported Britney’s conservatorship too.” One added, “If he can’t talk about a decade old show, a voice role in a Disney movie, and 2 forgettable DC movies, he has nothing.” The next one tweeted, “Nobody even knows the projects he’s wanting to promote anyway.”

A user cancelled Zachary Levi saying, “He’s irrelevant” as another person claimed, “He’s such an attention seeker!” One person concluded, “He got no shows or movies to promote so why he ranting.”

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