SEVENTEEN Gears Up To Tell Epic Tale With Fourth Album
SEVENTEEN Gears Up To Tell Epic Tale With Fourth Album (Pic Credit: Instagram)

K-pop stage-breakers SEVENTEEN dropped a five-part concept photo series revving up for their fourth studio album ‘Face the Sun’.


Starting with ‘Ep.1 Control,’ the K-pop supergroup unveiled an enthralling set of photos that place the band amidst an overwhelming presence of ‘shadows’ that represent their fears.


‘Ep. 2 Shadow’ portrayed each of the 13 members locked away in isolation by these shadows from within.

‘Ep. 3 Ray’ depicted the 13-piece act burning their shadows to ashes, followed by ‘Ep. 4 Path’ where they kick off a journey to ‘Face the Sun’ and pursue the path of the Sun.

The final set of concept photos, ‘Ep. 5 Pioneer,’ revealed a charismatic image of the members as bikers, hinting at the valor with which they will lead the way in moving forward.

Set to arrive on May 27, Face the Sun has already racked up over 1.74 million pre-order sales in its first week, reaching an all-time high for the band.

As anticipation peaks, SEVENTEEN teased in their recent appearance on a Korean TV show that a track titled ‘Hot’ will lead the new album.

The full tracklist will be released on May 17.

SEVENTEEN was previously in the news when they came out with their very first English single ‘Darl+ing‘ and hope that their fans, whom they lovingly call “Carats” feel closer to the popular boy band through the number.

Talking to IANS about what their first English single ‘Darl+ing’ stands for and how it fits in your fourth full-length album, Vernon from the band said: “‘Darl+ing’ is a sweet love song. We wanted to express our affection for everyone who’s with SEVENTEEN every step along the way. The plus sign is an emphasis on the idea of ‘being together,’ the idea of CARATs, our listeners and SEVENTEEN coming together as one.

“The placement of the plus sign in front of ‘ing’ also signifies the fact that it’s an ongoing relationship that is very much in our present.”

Vernon, who is a member of SEVENTEEN under the ‘Hip-Hop Team’, added that it is an “important goal” for them “this year is to really connect with all our listeners, to build an experience we share as ‘TEAM SEVENTEEN.’ So we poured our most honest thoughts and feelings into the upcoming album. With ‘affection for our listeners’ being one of those emotions, ‘Darl+ing’ is a starting point to an album that most transparently shows who we are, to date.”

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