The 90's Cult Classic Practical Magic is coming back with a Sequel
The 90’s Cult Classic Practical Magic is coming back with a Sequel (Photo Credit –Facebook)

Directed by Griffin Dunne, the 1998 film Practical Magic is a comedy-drama-fantasy film starring Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Dianna Wiest, and Stockard Channing. Although the movie initially gained mixed reviews, it gained recognition due to its star-studded cast.

Beyond the captivating story of a family curse, magic, and romance, Practical Magic celebrates sisterhood with Bullock and Kidman showcasing remarkable chemistry. While their collaboration was unique, it was the only time the two stars shared the big screen. With the recent announcement of Practical Magic 2, fans are excited for Kidman and Bullock’s reunion as the Owens sisters. Since the details of the sequel remain sparse, this is a good time to revisit the movie to get a refresher on the plot of this late 1990s cult classic.

How Does Practical Magic End?

In Practical Magic, the Owens sisters, Sally and Gillian are portrayed as starkly contrasting characters. While Sally is a calm woman with a husband and two daughters, Gillian, after being widowed, portrays the role of an adventurous woman who roams with various lovers and leaves their aunts Frances. The story takes a dark turn when Gillain calls Sally for help after Gillian’s husband Jimmy becomes abusive. Although Sally rescues her, Jimmy takes them hostage. As Sally tries to sedate him, she accidentally kills him as she uses too much belladonna in his tequila. This incident leads to chaotic events, including a failed resurrection attempt that leads to a second death and burial in their aunt’s garden.

However, Jimmy’s spirit lingers as he leaves clues of his presence and eventually possesses Gillain. The Owens women who were long ostracized by their town due to their witchcraft find support when Sally rallies the townswomen to form a coven to exorcise Jimmy from Gillian’s body. When Sally attempts the exorcism, it harms Gillians as much as Jimmy, so she stops the ritual and devises a new plan. Remembering the blood pact they had made as children, she cuts Gillian’s hand to banish Jimmy for good.

In the end, Practical Magic focuses on the bond between the two sisters that is stronger than any magic. The film beautifully illustrates that familial love and support can conquer even the darkest of forces.

How Practical Magic’s Ending Set Up Practical Magic 2?

After 26 years of Practical Magic, the sequel has been confirmed, surprising its fans. While the original movie was based on a 1995 novel of the same name, it has two prequel novels and one sequel. Alice Hoffman revisited the book series 20 years after she wrote Practical Magic with The Rules of Magic, Magic Lessons, and The Book of Magic.

In the sequel novel, Sally’s older daughter Kylie faces a dire situation when her boyfriend falls into a coma. She journeys to England to uncover more about her ancestor Mari as she seeks a cure for the curse. Meanwhile, Jet hears the ominous Deathwatch beetle, signaling she has only a week to live. Together, the three generations of Owens women along with their long-lost brother, unite to break the curse while unraveling old family secrets.

While it hasn’t been confirmed whether the second chapter will follow the storyline of The Book of Magic, it would be a logical way to continue after Practical Magic’s ending.

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