Andrew Garfield Pays A Tribute To 'Aunt May' Sally Field At The SAG Awards 2023
SAG Awards 2023: Andrew Garfield Pays A Tribute To His ‘Aunt May’ Actor Sally Field Who Once Bashed Spider-Man Movies ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

After Tobey Maguire left the baton of doing Spider-Man movies and before Tom Holland could pick up the legacy, the baton was in Andrew Garfield’s hands. Even though Sony’s back-to-back trials to make a Spider-Man universe failed miserably at the box office, it was highly appreciated for Andrew’s performance. However, the actress who played Aunt May’s character Sally Field had once bashed their movies.

However, yesterday, at the SAG awards, Andrew paid a tribute while presenting a lifetime achievement award to her. And now it seems the actor has also forgiven the veteran actress. On the other hand, apart from the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Andrew has given quite a few major hits.

After the second film of Amazing Spider-Man tanked at the box office, the actress who played Aunt May Sally Field despised the movies even more than the audience. She had bashed those movies once and shared in an interview, “you work it as much as you can, but you can’t put 10 pounds of sh*t in a five-pound bag,” admitting that she didn’t put much effort in those movies.

It was quite an insult to Andrew Garfield as he was the lead man of the Spider-Man movies. But it seems the actor has forgiven the veteran actress Sally Field as his tribute to the diva is ringing in everyone’s ears. At SAG awards 2023, Sally Field received the Lifetime Achievement award and while presenting it, Andrew shared a few words dedicating her.

“I got to play Peter Parker to Sally’s Aunt May, and any intimidation I may have felt from playing opposite titan of acting, evaporated the moment my eyes found hers. Her generosity, her sensitivity, her imagination, and her playfulness have seemed to have kept her striving in the pursuit of that ineffable mystery at the heart of every character she plays. The truth, nobility, the beauty, and dignity of the human soul; you’re a North Star for all of us, and especially, of course, in inspiring, liberating, and empowering women — charting a previously pathless path in an era of often unimaginative and one-dimensional female roles. Sally was Gidget, independent, and then she was maybe the first true female superhero. The Flying Nun. She plays a nun that flies, and it’s because of the hat she’s wearing and her slight frame — she catches the wind, and she makes the miraculous believable. It’s ridiculous. You inspire us to believe that a huge creative life of richness, depth, humor, joy, pathos, and mystery is possible, and you also show us how to do it…somehow miraculously, with humility. You never drink the Kool-Aid of your own brilliance; you never get high on your own supply. But tonight, we’re going to try to make you.” Your mother’s fav and mine — Miss Sally Fields.”

Check out the video clip as shared on Twitter:

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