Ryan Reynolds Wants To Be SnyderVerse’s Green Lantern?
Ryan Reynolds Is Up To Play Green Lantern In The Zack Snyder Universe? (Photo Credit: IMDb & Wikipedia)

In a way, both Zack Snyder and Ryan Reynolds were born to DCEU in the year 2010. While the filmmaker was called in to helm Man Of Steel that impressed masses, Ryan Reynolds claimed his territory as Green Lantern that ended up becoming a rage at the Box Office. There were indeed rumours that the two might cross paths in the universe.

If you have been away from all the buzz that was around Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League, you might have missed out on this speculation too. It was then said that Green Lantern was all set to make a special appearance in the much-awaited film. It took a boldly hilarious tweet by Ryan Reynolds to put the rumours to sleep and the gossip around it was buried. But if the latest reports are to go by there is still a lot of hope and we must not lose it. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per a report in We Got This Covered, Ryan Reynolds has not completely forgotten the SnyderVerse and the massive fan following it enjoys. The intel at the portal says that the Green Lantern fame has not completely ignored the possibility of him being in the universe curated by Zack Snyder. The actor is all set to reprise Hal if he gets any chance when the SnyderVerse is back. That is a big battle in itself, while the birdies have that Warner Bros have no plans to bring Zack back.

Meanwhile, in the past talking about including Ryan Reynolds‘ Green Lantern in Justice League, Reynolds had said, “There was another idea I had for the Green Lantern that wasn’t Ryan, and so I thought that if we had gone down this path of Green Lantern, I would’ve had Ryan as the additional Lantern…but that’s another story.”

On the other hand, dismissing the rumours of his cameo in the March 18 release, Ryan Reynolds had said, “It’s not me. But what a cool pirate flag to cameo as Hal. Maybe it’s another GL? But for me, the suit stays in the closet. I mean, computer.”

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