Ryan Reynolds Says No One Can Play Wolverine "Except Hugh Jackman," Fans Disagree "No One Else Has Had The Chance"
Ryan Reynolds Says No One Can Play Wolverine “Except Hugh Jackman”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman can’t stop hyping each other. The actors are promoting Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine before its release. Ryan Reynolds praised his co-star, saying no one can fit into Wolverine’s claws better than Hugh Jackman.

As Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman promote the latest MCU film at Disney’s fan event in Shanghai, China, a seemingly divisive quote from the Proposal actor has been making rounds on the internet.

While the genesis of the quote is unclear, it has generated considerable discourse on the internet. Ryan Reynolds was recently quoted saying, “There’s only been one Wolverine; the reason is no one can do it except Hugh Jackman.”

As fans will know, Hugh Jackman has been playing the grumpy-clawed mutant for over two decades. Jackman announced he would retire his claws after filming his last movie, Logan 2017. However, Jackman reprised the role in 2022 for Deadpool & Wolverine.

The Australian actor even teased Deadpool 3 “Exceeded Anything” he’s done during his two-decade tenure as Wolverine.

As the actors continued to hype up the film, Ryan Reynolds declared that no one could play the clawed mutant other than his good pal Hugh Jackman.

The quote spread like wildfire online, with an overwhelming number of fans disagreeing with Reynolds’ emphatic statement.

Fans disagree with Ryan Reynolds’s statement

Reacting to the quote posted by Culture Crave on Threads, a fan wrote, “Or it’s simply because no one else has been cast as Wolverine. No one else has had the chance. Lol”

Another fan noted that Ryan Reynolds may regret his declaration after the role is recast in future movies. They wrote, “This is just Ryan Reynolds hyping Hugh up and that this is all just (deserved) PR, but I get the feeling this comment will really bite him in the ass when Wolverine inevitably gets recast for future X-Men movies.”

Meanwhile, another fan pointed out that 56-year-old Jackman can’t play the role forever, and Wolverine will inevitably be recast by another younger actor. A fan wrote, “Hugh is 56, and he can’t play Wolverine much longer, and when they reboot the X-men here soon, someone new will play Wolverine.”

 Deadpool & Wolverine, co-written by Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, will hit theaters on July 26, 2024.

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