Robbie Williams Mulls Wearing Wife's Bra On Stage Because Of Wobbly Chest
Singer Robbie Williams Is Considering Wearing One Of His Wife’s Bras On Stage As He Has A Wobbly Chest ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Singer Robbie Williams is considering wearing one of his wife’s bras on stage as he has a “wobbly” chest.

The 48-year-old singer said it’s getting harder for him to look “s*xy” on stage because of his jiggly chest, as he modelled one of Ayda Field’s new bras from her line, reports

During an Instagram Live, Robbie Williams said: “There is a lot more oestrogen around these parts than there used to be but with this I feel like I am held in place. I do really like it. They can wobble about when I jump up and down and I’m trying to be s*xy but how s*xy can you be when your breasts are going up and down for a man.”

“I might have to wear it on stage. It is really holding my back in place too. Lads, don’t be ashamed to wear a support bra for all your daily needs,” Robbie Williams adds.

Williams‘ woes come after the former ‘Take That’ star revealed he could wear a wig on tour to battle his hair loss.

The ‘Rock DJ’ hitmaker had a hair transplant and follicle growth injections, but they didn’t help him with his thinning thatch, and so he is considering other options.

Speaking on Australian radio recently, Robbie Williams said: “There are these great wigs that you can get now. You have to shave all your hair off and then you have it placed on with glue and it sticks on for a couple of weeks.”

“I might actually do it just for touring.”

The ‘Angels’ hitmaker had a hair transplant in 2013, before a second one was ruled out two years ago.

Robbie Williams proposed hair transplant in 2020 was scrapped because his hair is too thin for it to work.

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