Rihanna Receives Massive Backlash On Twitter For Using Hadith Verses At Her Fashion Show(Pic credit: Facebook/Rihanna)
Rihanna Faces Flak For ‘Savage X Fenty’, Netizens Upset Over Islamic Hadith Used In Song (Pic credit: Facebook/Rihanna)

It has been some time now and Rihanna has not released a song as she has been focused on her lingerie company called Savage x Fenty. Over the weekend the singer had held her second show but unfortunately, it did not end without controversy. The singer-entrepreneur received massive backlash for using a song that contains a narration of an Islamic Hadith during the show.


The song that received huge flak is called Doom and it was created by a London-based producer named Coucou Chloe more than two years ago. The artist had previously admitted to having remixed audio that has Islamic voice samples from hadith explaining signs of the day of the judgement and the end of times for the song.

Apparently, the song did not go down well with the netizens. A lot of social media users took to Twitter and criticized Rihanna for using a song that has a narration of ahadith. One user wrote, “Rihanna is responsible for this even if she didn’t choose the music. she hired her team and she must’ve heard the songs beforehand and just because she’s Rihanna doesn’t give her a free pass to disrespect a religion.”


Another furious user wrote, “If you’re not muslim, if you’re an ex muslim, you have absolutely NO say in the rihanna issue. dont silence us because you don’t find an issue with what she did. it was beyond disrespectful to our religion and this happens constantly and it’s just sickening. have some respect”

One user added, “So disturbing how Rihanna and her team used a Muslim hijabi girl in their Fenty makeup line but cant even take the time to actually educate themselves on her religion! a line that’s supposed to ”represent” diversity no less”

Another user commented, “Rihanna could go live and spend 3 hours apologizing over and over again for this and i still wouldnt accept it . 3 years ago she allowed the same thing knowing what the hadith meant and how important hadiths are in Islam. so no, no apology could make this right”

For the unversed, Hadith is a compilation of traditions that consists of sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna). For all followers of Islam, Hadith is the major source of guidance for them apart from the Quran. Therefore, it is considered to be of utmost importance in their life.

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