Rachel Leviss Admits She Won’t ‘Talk About Ariana’ Madix Anymore Following Scandoval
Rachel Leviss Admits She Won’t ‘Talk About Ariana’ Madix Anymore Following Scandoval(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Following Tom Sandoval’s alleged affair with Vanderpump Rules co-star Rachel Leviss, including cheating rumors with his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix, Leviss is finally vowing not to talk about Scandoval ever again.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, the 29-year-old star reflected on the question about why she didn’t use her podcast to address Madix’s comments about her on the reunion of season 11 of the hit reality show. When the executive producer of her show mentioned the question, she said, “I don’t need to talk about Ariana any more than I deem necessary to get my point across.”

She continued, “And, unfortunately, yes, Ariana’s name has come out of my mouth, and it is not to bash her in any way; it’s to provide context to my experience and the story that I’m sharing with you guys.” This question was in response to comments made by Madix about Leviss during part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, which aired on May 28.

Madix told her ex-Sandoval about Leviss, “You also brought a s— person into both of our lives in a very f—ed up way. And this bitch has to talk about me all the f—ing time. You did that.”

After dating for nearly a decade, Madix and Sandoval broke up in March 2023 after the former discovered explicit texts and photos from Leviss, whom she considered a close friend on Sandoval’s phone. The fallout from the affair caused significant fractures within their friend group, affecting seasons 10 and 11 of the reality show and becoming one of the biggest scandals in Bravo history.

During her podcast, Leviss further explained how she understands why Madix doesn’t want to be talked about. She said, “Her saying that about me, it made me think, ‘Well, yeah it sucks having [VPR] talk about me every single week. Not only talk about me but to completely defame me and to push a narrative that is not accurate. So, I get it. I understand her pain when it comes to me saying her name on my podcast and I’m sure it’s infuriating and frustrating.”

She further admitted that she’s been “ultimately respectful” to Madix while talking about her affair with Sandoval. Leviss revealed that she is not “part of my life” and she doesn’t plan on “continuing to talk about her anymore.”

In May, Leviss won the right to continue bringing legal action against Sandoval as she’s not completely moved on from the scandal.

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