Howard Stern Exposed By His Employees For His Alleged Baneful Behaviour
Howard Stern Exposed By His Employees For His Alleged Toxic Behaviour (Pic credit – Getty Images / Howard Stern / Ellen DeGeneres )

The global pandemic turned out unfavourable for a lot of Hollywood celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian was accused of toxic behaviour on the sets on The Ellen Show and adding to the celebrity controversy is Howard Stern.

For those of you who don’t know who Stern is, he’s a huge radio and television personality along with a comedian and author.



A longtime engineer named Scott Salem of Howard Stern’s show created a fund page for his sick wife who was suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called GoFundMe and the host didn’t offer him any help. Instead, he was asked to keep Stern’s name away from the funding page by the production.

Nevertheless, his fans still helped Salem and he managed to collect $73,000 from his crowdfunding page for his wife.

Later, according to the New York Post, Scott was moved to the other floor and was eliminated from the script writing of the Howard Stern’s show too. Last year, the engineer lost his job after losing his wife, putting an end to his career with the Howard Stern’s show.

Back in 2019, during the staff’s Christmas party, Salem’s new girlfriend did the smart thing of recording some conversation with Howard Stern. This was before Salem got laid off. The recordings ultimately turned into a dispute with COO Turk.

As per the Post, John Melendez who worked with Stern reacted to this and said, “This has really bothered me. It’s really sad. His wife ends up dying. Howard doesn’t even go downstairs and offer Scott his condolences. Everyone falls from grace with Howard.”

Later in 2018, Artie Lange who worked as an aide with the host tweeted, “For the record, Scott never bad mouthed Howard to me. Prob cuz he’s afraid & classy. But I’m Unafraid & classless So I say. Shame on u Howard. Ask yourself why all of ur ex loyal servants hate u! Just sad.”

Another industry insider added, “Worse than Ellen [DeGeneres].”

An intern named Steve Grillo, who worked on the show said, “From 1992 until 1997, I was just working for free still as an ‘intern.’ That’s what my title was. But I was definitely a producer. The amount of responsibilities I had was through the roof.”

“That’s slave labor. I was a slave. You can’t have people work 60 hours a week and not pay them,” the intern concluded.

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