Pete Davidson Snaps At A Fan & Kicks Them Out For Using A Phone During Recent Stand-Up Show, Here’s How Netizens React
Pete Davidson Kicking A Fan For Using A Phone During His Recent Stand-Up Show Has Netizens Going ROFL, One Trolls “The Fact That People Paid Money To See…” ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Pete Davidson regularly makes the news, and it’s mainly owing to the drama in his personal life. The SNL comedian – who made the headlines last month after commenting on innocent children losing their lives in the ongoing Israeli-Palestine war, is today grabbing the spotlight for reportedly kicking a fan out of his recent stand-up show in New York City.

As per reports doing the rounds, the Saturday Night Live host snapped at one of the audience members mid-gig for using a phone and made security escort the person of the venue. Read on to know all about the incident and how netizens are reacting to it.

As reported by US Magazine, Pete Davidson has a strict no-phone policy at all his stand-up gigs. And while performing at City Winery in New York City on Thursday (November 2), he called out a rule-breaker and had them escorted off the venue. According to the report, Pete caught a ‘sneaky fan’ using their phone during his gig, making him stop the performance and scream “F*ck you” at them, according to an eyewitness.

But that wasn’t all. The report states that Pete Davidson instructed his security team to escort the rule breaker out of the room before claiming he “pays $10,000 to lock up [your phones].” He then continued with his set without mentioning the incident during the remainder of the night. While some reports claimed it was a rogue venue staffer using their phone, a representative for City Winery confirmed to the above-mentioned portal that it was not a staff member but a fan. Read on to know how fans have digested this news.

Commenting on this news, one X user wrote, “What a jerk. Pete, not the fan who bought a ticket and lives in the real world.”

Another, supporting the SNL comedian, added, “I am not a fan of his, but I agree with him here. I have kicked students out of class for this. “

A third confessed, “#AboutLastNight Me legit blending in so I didn’t get kicked out the 10:30 Pete Davidson 2nd show…. #MakeThemLaugh #ENRGYZRBunny”

Some more comments on the news had one X user saying, “I’ve heard his standup and frankly he did the fan a favor.”

Another trolled, “The fact that people paid money to see Pete Davidson should be the real story.”

A sixth noted, “Dude was probably playing bejeweled.”

One more noted, “Telling someone in 2023 to not bring their cellphone somewhere is like telling someone to leave their liver at home. Cellphones are everywhere.”

Another tweeted, “What a douchebag. But the phone guy probably is too. Who would pay to see an unfunny talentless nobody like Pete Davidson. It would be like paying to see a Kardashian. It doesn’t make any sense.”

What do you think of Pete Davidson kicking this fan from his show? Do you support his move or feel it was too much?

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