Pearl Jam Frontman Eddie Vedder Slams Harrison Butker's Controversial Commencement Speech
Eddie Vedder Reacts To Harrison Butker’s Controversial Commencement Speech. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Harrison Butker’s 2024 commencement speech at Benedictine College continues to set off a barrage of reactions, with Pearl Jam Frontman Eddie Vedder joining the long list of celebrities slamming the “misogynistic” address.

A week after The Kansas City Chiefs football kicker Harrison Butker delivered a polarising commencement speech that attacked Pride Month and seemingly suggested women primarily belonged at home, Eddie Vedder ripped into the Butker, eviscerating him for his archaic views.

Before we delve into Veddars scathing response, Here’s a look at what Butker said in his speech on May 11.

What did Harry Butker Say In His Benedictine College commencement speech?

During the 20-minute speech, Butker, who is Catholic, addressed “the women” graduates directly to counter the “most diabolical lies” they have been told. The NFL player suggested that women should take pride in their vocation as homemakers more than their professional achievements. Butker used his wife, Isabelle Butker, as an example, saying she “would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother.”

Butker then said women would be “happier” if they disregarded “outside noise” and moved closer to “god’s will” by taking a backseat to a man’s vocation in life and staying behind at home to take care of the children.

 He urged men to be “unapologetic in your masculinity, fighting against the cultural emasculation of men.” Butker then slammed birth control, saying, “There is nothing good about playing God with having children — whether that be your ideal number or the perfect time to conceive.”

He also attacked Pride month and called abortion a symptom of a “disorder.” shortly after, Nuns associated with the Benedictine college said in a statement that Butker’s speech does not reflect the school or its founders’ vision. They said, “Instead of promoting unity in our church, our nation, and the world, his comments seem to have fostered division.”

Eddie Vedder Slams Harrison Butker’s Speech

A week after the controversial speech, on Saturday, May 18, while performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder took a quick pause in between songs and ripped into the NFL player. Vedder noted that two of the band members, including its lead singer, are women and added: “The singer, Jessica, and the keyboard player, Patti, they must not have believed that ‘diabolical lie’ that women should take pride in taking a back seat to their man.”

Vedder then directly addressed Harrison Butker, saying it was ironic that Butker, who holds the easiest position as a kicker in the game, was encouraging men to be “more masculine.” He said, “The irony was that the football player—well, kicker … You see, the kicker doesn’t have the pads because he doesn’t tackle anybody or get tackled—but he started telling men, ‘Don’t forget to puff up your chest and be more masculine. Don’t lose your masculinity.’

Vedder then skewered Butker, adding, “The irony was that when he was saying that, he looked like such a f***ing p****. There’s nothing more masculine than a strong man supporting a strong woman.”

It should be noted that Vedder isn’t the only star who’s spoken out against Butker’s polarising speech. Maren Morris, Flavor Flav, and other celebrities condemned the athlete’s words on their social media platforms.

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