Paris Hilton Is The Major REASON Behind Kim Kardashian’s Billionaire Empire & We All Deserve A BFF Like Her
Paris Hilton Is The Major REASON Behind Kim Kardashian’s Billionaire Empire & We All Deserve A BFF Like Her (Pic credit – Getty Images / Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian )

‘This Is Paris’ featured on YouTube a while ago and we got to know the real Paris Hilton through the same. It’s a documentary based on her life and how she built an empire, created her own brands and became a successful influencer. Amid all of this, she met Kim Kardashian.

At this point in time, Kim is way more successful and rich than Paris but it was her BFF who gave her a career. For those of you don’t know, the reality TV star started her career as Hilton’s assistant and got a lot of exposure while doing her job.



Paris Hilton back in the days was a sensation and the OG influencer. Her popularity was massive and all the A-Listers in Hollywood were her friends including Kim Kardashian who literally got a ‘Career-break’ from her BFF.

It was Paris who’s s*x-tape got leaked first and was front-page news of every magazine and tabloid back in the days. Like how The House Of Wax actress explained the fact in her documentary, people thought she did it deliberately and that’s when the trend began.

Hilton’s s*x-tape went viral in 2004 and Kim Kardashian’s s*x-tape went viral in 2007. We aren’t saying that the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star was keeping up with the trend of s*x-tape but this wasn’t merely a coincidence.

Nevertheless, Paris was still a big name in the industry compared to Kim. At the peak of her career, she was hated so much that people would randomly comment on anything and everything on her. This is what Kim understood and worked as a strategy to make a brand of her own.

You gotta be in the news if you wanna stay in the business and that’s fair enough. That very year, when Kim’s s*x-tape got leaked, she started her own reality TV show called ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ and rest everything is history.

Paris Hilton’s net worth is $300 million whereas Kim Kardashian’s net worth is $900 million according to Forbes. Did y’all see the difference there? That’s how you watch and learn.

Kim learned from Paris’ mistakes and a decade later, here she is. An entrepreneur, a reality TV star, has her own makeup and shapewear brand, has a perfume range of her own and ain’t backing down anytime soon. She’s only getting bigger with each passing day and not just her but all her sisters benefitted from her fame and built an empire of their own which stands taller than any man’s ego around them.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the videos of Paris and her initial days in her career when Kim would accompany her as an assistant and people would totally ignore Kardashian and come and ask for selfies with Paris.

Well, what a TRANSFORMATION of career, we must say. Don’t we all deserve a Paris Hilton to our Kim Kardashian?

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