Ms Marvel's Mehwish Hayat Hits Back At Ex-Military Officer Over His Honey-Trapping Accusations
Ms Marvel Actress Mehwish Hayat Hits Back At Ex-Military Officer Over His Honey-Trapping Accusations ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Ms Marvel Poster )

Former Pakistani military officer Major Adil Raja threw some vile accusations at some of the Pakistani actresses recently that sparked quite a controversy! The former officer allegedly accused Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan and Mehwish Hayat of honey-trapping the Pakistani military. After these outrageous allegations, these actresses took to their social media accounts to share their reactions.

For the unversed, Adil Raja has his own YouTube channel where he has allegedly made these explosive remarks. Among these actresses, Mehwish played the key role of Aisha in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s web series, Ms Marvel. On the other hand, Sajal was seen alongside the Late Sridevi in the movie ‘Mom’.

As per, an ex-officer had put up a video on his YouTube channel in which he allegedly said that four ‘top models and actresses’ would ‘fraternise with former officials and politicians’, as per sources. After his blasphemous video came out, actress Kubra Khan took to her Twitter account to criticise it, to which Adil said that he did not say KK but AK, as he did not take particular names of any actor. Following that, others, including Sajal Ali, and Mehwish Hayat, also bashed the former officer, while Sajal posted a tweet on her Twitter account that read, “It is very sad that our country is becoming morally debased and ugly; character assassination is the worst form of humanity and sin.”

Marvel actor Mehwish Hayat took to her Instagram story section to hit back at the allegations as she wrote, “Sasti shoharat haasil karne k liye kuch logue insaaniat k darjay se bhi girjatay hain. Hope you’re enjoying your two mins of fame. Just because I am an actress doesn’t mean my name can be dragged through the mud. Shame on you for spreading baseless allegations and insinuations about someone you know nothing about and even bigger shame on people who blindly believes his bulls***. This just shows the sickness of our society that laps up this gutter journalism without any thought. But this stops, and it stops now! I will not allow anyone to defame my name in this way anymore!”

Kubra Khan also shared a post which is now deleted, that said, “I stayed quiet initially because obviously, a fake video isn’t going to take over my existence, But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Apko lagta hai ke koi random log Mujhe pe behte bithaye ungli uthayenge Aur main chup behtoongi toh apki soch hai. So Mr Adil Raja, before you start to heap allegations upon people, have some proof first.” She even demanded proof from the ex-military officer to come up with proof within three days or apologise publicly, as per a report by NDTV.

Ms Marvel's Mehwish Hayat Hits Back At Ex-Military Officer Over His Honey-Trapping Accusations

On the other hand, Adil Raja shared a post on his Twitter on Wednesday that read, “whatever I said wasn’t an attack on the entertainment industry. Why do they feel threatened?”

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