Midnight Sun: 5 POVs Of Edward Cullen We Hope Twilight Saga Author Stephanie Meyer Has Given Us
Midnight Sun: 5 POVs Of Edward Cullen We Hope Twilight Saga Author Stephanie Meyer Has Given Us

Stephanie Meyer’s hit vampire romance series, The Twilight saga was a rage amount teenager and young adults when released in 2005. The saga, which begins with Twilight, introduces us to the main characters 17-year old Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, a 108-year-old vampire who still looks 17.

This book is followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, the fourth book released in 2008. Since then, fans of the book have been eagerly waiting for the release of Midnight Sun – the book retells all the events that took place in Twilight from Edward’s perspective.

And the wait finally ends today. Stephenie Meyer had announced that her latest book, Midnight Sun will be out on August 4 aka TODAY!! While our excitement is on an all-time high, there are certain expectations we have from this book that we wish Meyer covered. Read on to know some of my expectations.

Returning to Forks again

Bella comes to town because her mother is remarrying and also to reconnect and mend her relationship with her dad. But what is Edward and the Cullens back for? What was the reason for these supernaturals beings to return to the rainy town? A vision of Bella being Edward’s mate or just coincidence? When we read Edwards POV, guess we will get this answer.

His thoughts on smelling Bella for the first time

We all read (and watched) what went through Bella’s mind when she saw Edward for the first time walking into the high school cafeteria. It would be amazing to know what was Edward’s first thoughts when he smelt her from miles away. I bet he would have had a chat with Alice regarding it – as she sees a predictable future – and I want to know what it was.

His family and the rapport they share

While from Bella’s perception, we know that Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme adopted the ‘vampire kids,’ it will be more insightful to know the exact rapport the ‘siblings’ share. Bella’s version isn’t to clear about the tensions between then – we bet there will be a few even if they have spent years together.

His experience with werewolves

We all know that the werewolves – the arch-enemies of the vampires reside in Forks. Though Bella doesn’t know much about them in Twilight, Edward has definitely mastered the topic. It will be interesting to know what kind of history he shares with the current pack before Bella came into the equation as well with earlier pack members.

A detailed look into the 90+ years Edward spent

In the first book as well as the movie, we got a little glimpse into how Edward behaved when he turned in a blood-sucking ‘monster.’ He tells Bella that he felt he was a monster in those initial years, and we would really love to know exactly how he felt – the real, raw emotions. Also, at which moment did he decide it would be better to follow a ‘vegetarian diet.’

Fun Fact: Did you know the director of the Twilight saga adaptation, Catherine Hardwicke and actor Robert Pattinson – who plays Edward in the series, read some completed chapters of the novel while filming the movie? They were indeed lucky cause the rest of the world has waited 12 years to get their hands on it.

What are you most interested to know in Midnight Sun? Let us know in the comments below.

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