Joe Goldberg From Netflix's You: Character Analysis Of Penn Badgley's One Of The Most Talked About Role
Joe Goldberg From Netflix’s You: Character Analysis Of Penn Badgley’s One Of The Most Talked About Role

Character Analysis: Joe Goldberg

Played By: Penn Badgley


Show: You


Streaming On: Netflix

Joe Goldberg is one of those rare sociopaths who come across as very charming. The reason is the way he carries himself in front of people. Even though he is outright creepy, you can’t really spot what’s going on in his mind. He is a master in the skill of manipulating people using his innocent face. Even when he is having some really monstrous thoughts in his mind, you can’t really have a clue. This is because he is so clear about his intentions that even when he is committing a serious crime, he is clean in his own mind. If you ask him, he is not doing anything wrong and that’s why his face doesn’t reflect his monstrous side.

Joe had a nightmarish childhood. His father used to beat his mother and hence Joe ended up killing him. Since then he thinks of himself as if he is in the world to protect women. He falls in love with those women who he thinks need his help. He loves to read their mind and even though he is wrong most of the times, Joe believes he knows women best. Joe also loves kids and wants to protect their childhood for the same reason.

One of the most devilish sides of Joe as a character is that he remains calm and composed even when he is spotted by someone in a dicey situation. Even though he is scared internally, he appears normal from outside because subconsciously he is confident and knows how to get away.

Joe is not a control freak on the bed and loves his girl to come above him and dominate. He loves to satisfy her and feels bad about himself when he fails to do so in his first attempt. Joe is a pervert who doesn’t have self control even a bit. He starts mast**bating as he watches Beck while standing outside her house. He thinks about himself as a passionate lover and wants to take away all the problems from his girlfriends’ life even if it means killing her best friend. And if it comes to saving his a$$, he can kill his girlfriend too.

That’s Joe Goldberg for you!

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