Marvel Trivia #5: Did You Know? Thanos Didn't Use The Mind Stone While Fighting The Avengers - Here's How He Used The Rest
Marvel Trivia #5: Thanos Used All But One Infinity Stone – Do You Know Which It Is? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The Marvel Cinematic Universe got the world under its spell since its first Avenger film – Iron Man was released in 2008. From then until the release of Avengers: Endgame in 2019, we saw the superheroes grow as individuals and as a group while fighting the bad guys and Thanos who wanted all the Infinity Stones.

While the Mad Purple Titan did get his hands on all six by the end of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and eliminated half of the universe’s population, do you know he never used one stone? Yes, we know he had to have used all to snap his fingers and decimate half the universe but we are talking about him using the stone’s individual power to gain the upper hand over the Avengers or move on to attaining the next.

Can you guess which stone it is that Thanos didn’t use? If no, or you just want to see if your guess is right, scroll below to know where he used the other stones and which was the one whose power he only used with the others.

Avengers: Infinity War began with Thanos wielding the first Infinity Stone we got his hands on – the Power Stone. After stealing the stone from Xandar (in a deleted sequence), the mad Titan uses it to torture Thor by pressing it against the God of Thunder’s face. He then uses the Power Stone to build up a charge of energy that destroys the Asgardian ship.

Immediately after using the Power Stone to destroy the Asgardian ship, Titan used the Space Stone to teleport himself and his minions away from the ensuing explosion. Gamora and Nebula’s adoptive father makes use of this infinity stone on different occasions to teleport himself and his guys across the universe.

After escaping from Asgard and leaving Thor to be found by the Guardians of the Galaxy, we see Thanos on Knowhere, where the Mad Titan is already in possession of the Reality Stone. There we see him use the Aether – which was introduced in Thor: The Dark World, to create a ‘Reality Cloak’ – a false reality that deceives the GOTG. This false reality leads Gamora to briefly believe she’s killed her father, before Thanos wills it away, revealing that he already has the Reality Stone. Thanos then uses Reality Stone against the Guardians, turning Drax into bricks, Mantis into ribbons and Star-Lord’s blaster into bubbles. He also uses this stone to turn Gamora’s knife into bubbles while on Vormir.

From there, we see Thanos torture Nebula – by melding the powers of the power and space stone and tearing apart Nebula’s cybernetic body, in order to force Gamora to reveal the Soul Stone’s location. The Mad Titan then uses the Space Stone to transport himself and Gamora to Vormir before sacrificing her for the stone. On Titan, the villain of the MCU finds himself faced with a group of Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy – where he makes use of Power, Space and Reality stone to overpower them. There he also makes use of the Soul Stone to find the real Doctor Strange after he duplicates himself to tie the Mad Titan down.

After getting the Time Stone after the battle at Titan, Thanos makes use of it in Wakanda where he reverses time to bring Vision back to life (moments after Wanda killed him by blasting him with her Scarlet Witch powers). He then, with a stone-cold heart, snatches the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead leaving him a mess of vibranium.

However, he never uses the power of the last Infinity Stone he got to get rid of the Avengers or deal them any damage. How do we know that? Well, cause soon after acquiring the final stone he snaps his fingers getting rid of half the universe’s living beans. He then teleports himself to the ‘retirement’ location where he snaps his gauntlet once more, destroying it.

Check out this video of Thanos using all the Infinity Stones here:

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