Emma Stone & Miles Teller Turned Down La La Land
Marvel Star Emma Stone & Miles Teller Turned Down La La Land Due To Their Own Tantrums ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Emma Stone and Miles Teller were once in the running to show their chemistry in the La La Land movie. Both of them are known for their respective works, as they have been a part of the Marvel Studios franchise. While it is hard to imagine any other actor playing the role which made the whimsical musical movie nab a historic seven Golden Globe awards, read on ahead to find out why the Marvel stars could not get the role.

Stone appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, and her chemistry with Andrew Garfield is still what fans root for to date. On the other hand, Teller appeared as Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic and the leader of the F4 in the rebooted version of the Fantastic Four movie. Being a part of the Marvel universe, they never crossed paths with each other.

However, there was a possibility for both the actors, Emma Stone and Miles Teller, to show their chemistry. Page Six reported TASM actress and the leader of the F4 actor had ‘crazy demands’ for the movie. As Hollywood insiders claimed, both lost the roles for being too demanding. The actor was offered $4 million to star in ‘La La Land,’ but he said he wanted $6 million. On the other hand, the actress had commitment issues and had ‘crazy demands’ such as ‘wanting rehearsals to take place in London’, which cost her the role.

Reportedly, Miles and Emma Stone raised hell with their agents for not securing the roles for them even though it was the actors’ fault for being too demanding. Another insider claimed that The Amazing Spider-Man actress stepped away to do Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast film.

While the movie did turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes for Emma Stone and Miles Teller, the role ultimately went to Ryan Gosling. Not to forget, the movie also grabbed seven Golden Globes and 14 Oscar nominations.

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