Marvel's Infinity Stones Up For Purchasing But At A Huge Rate
Marvel Fans Can Buy An Ultra-Rare Infinity Stones Collection(Photo Credit–Marvel)

Marvel’s one-of-a-kind Infinity Stones are now available for fans to purchase, but only if they are a millionaire. The Avengers saga is one of the best film series that not only created a huge impact on the MCU fans but at the box office as well. The last two movies, Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War, soared through the box office and crossed the $2 billion mark.


All the superheroes got together to defeat the supervillain Thanos and used Time, Space, Reality, Power, Soul, and Mind Stones to achieve their goal. The gauntlet, which had colourful pieces embedded in it, became an iconic thing amongst the fans as well. Now, fans can buy an ultra-rare collectable item of the stones.


At the San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel unveiled the collection, valued at about a whopping $25 million. It features the precious gems used in the Avengers saga. They are placed on a custom-made Infinity Gauntlet. The senior VP of the Studio’s Consumer Products, Paul Gitter, said in a statement, “Fans and collectors are a very important consumers for Marvel, since they truly live the Marvel lifestyle every day and are always seeking to connect with the brand in new and unique ways.”

“We feel this authentic gemstone collection is cool and unexpected and extends the reach of the Marvel brand,” he added. The Time Stone is an emerald, Reality Stone is a ruby, Space Stone is a sapphire, Soul Stone is a spessartite, and the Mind Stone is a yellow diamond. No wonder why they are so expensive.

Besides the Infinity Stones, another thing was speculated to be announced at the convention. Speculations arose that Avengers 5 will be discussed at the panel. However, the Russo Brothers cleared those up and said that there is not even a story for it.

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