Marisa Tomei: 'Spider-Man' co-stars are like family
Marisa Tomei: ‘Spider-Man’ co-stars are like family ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Actress Marisa Tomei says that she loves the “camaraderie” on set in the ‘Spider-Man’ films and hopes to work with director Jon Watts again.

Tomei told the I newspaper: “You do feel part of a family, which is very hard to find in Hollywood. I love Jon so much and to see Tom and Zendaya grow as artists are very exciting.”



Marisa Tomei also shared that she and Jon had an extensive conversation about spiders when she first took on the part, reports

She said: “And the power of spider medicine, and how the spider in native American culture is the female, as she weaves the web of life. She cares about the community.”

Marisa Tomei was shot to stardom after she played Mona Lisa Vito in the 1992 film ‘My Cousin Vinny’ – which earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress – but she confessed that she was “ill-prepared” for the attention that came her way afterwards.

Marisa Tomei explained: “I’ve felt differently about it at different times of my life… The further I get away from it, the more pleasurable it is. It was pleasurable at the time as well, but then I was ill-prepared for the attention afterwards. But in the actual moment, and the doors it opened, it was wonderful.”

The ‘In The Bedroom’ actress has fought against sexism within the movie industry and is delighted to see that things seem to be changing.

Tomei said: “There are laws being changed now. Then there is the consciousness that has been raised… I cannot tell you what it has meant. I never thought I would see something like this in my life – never!”

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