Thor Has Already Made A Cameo In Loki
Kate Herron Confirms Thor Has Already Appeared In Loki(Photo Credit: Imdb)

The world is right now hooked to Loki on Disney Plus, which is only intensifying and multiplying the goodness with each passing episode. While the Trickster God has done managed to hook the audience and become a successful Marvel leading man, but one cannot deny the fact that he is incomplete without his brother God Of Thunder, the might Thor. Can you think about Tom Hiddleston and not about Chris Hemsworth in the same trail?

Well, fans have been waiting to see if the makers have brought Thor in Loki in anyway and what if we tell you he has already made his cameo? Yes, you read that right. Chris Hemsworth has already made an appearance in the Disney Plus show led by Tom Hiddleston and that too in episode 5. Cannot believe what we said? Let the makers confirm that for you. Read on to know everything you should and also what the makers have to say.



We were shocked to learn this just like you are. As per We Got This Covered director Kate Herron who is bombarded by questions from across the globe now revealed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Asgardian Prince Thor has already made a cameo in Loki. He says that it happened at a time and place where it was the most unexpected, so people missed it. The portal reports, “Episode 5 featured our first glimpse of a Thor variant, where we saw cult favorite Throg trapped in a jar somewhere beneath the secret lair where all the Lokis hung out before their standoff descended into a mass of back-stabbing and treachery.”

So if you haven’t got that get, the modulated wails there were let out by the amphibious Thor were fresh new audio recordings that played for a second or two were that of Thor. And what is more interesting is the fact that Herron brought in Chris Hemsworth to give the vocals.

“Throg, obviously, getting him in was great. And we recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way. We recorded him for that, that’s new recording. That’s a whole new recording, not recycled, he recorded that!” Loki director Kate Herron said.

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