Lightyear: 5 Fantastic Reasons Why Buzz Lightyear Will Always Be Loved By Fans Young & Old- You Surely Won't Disagree!
With A Little lLess Than A Week To Pixar’s Lightyear, Here’s Five Fantastic Reasons Why Buzz Lightyear Will Always Be Loved By Fans Young & Old

To infinity and beyond! Four memorable words, one iconic dialogue and one legendary cartoon character is just a week away. That’s right boys and girls, the man and legend Buzz Lightyear is coming to town as Pixar’s Lightyear hits theatres on June 17th. With the spaceman packing a punch right from the very first Toy Story movie in 1995, to the fourth installment in 2019, it’s now time for fans to be wowed once again by the funny, emotional and inspirational hero.

With Buzz all set to leave mommies, daddies and their tiny tots cheering on, here are 5 reasons that make him a favorite among all age groups.

He’s always been a go-getter

Facing challenges upfront is a must when you’re a space ranger, and Buzz does that with elan. Be it fighting a mission or winning someone’s trust, with his optimistic approach, Buzz has it all. His never give up attitude has made him go way past ‘Infinity and Beyond’

Confident, determined, and full of energy, Buzz is a go-getter who strives to be successful in everything he does. With a ‘follow the book’ mindset, Buzz believes that people must live life by following rules. Though rare, when Buzz feels rules need to be mended, he does so for the good.

Buzz is brave, bold and brilliant

‘Fear, panic, and terror’ are words alien to courageous space rangers, and Buzz has taken note of that. From entering space to defeating the evils that harm his loved ones, Buzz believes in giving his best. When on a mission, he is a lion who not only roars but also attacks when needed. His athleisure body and martial arts training make him physically strong, while his ‘make it or break it’ attitude makes him mentally strong.

Forever Happy Buzz is a vibe

Buzz is crazy! (we mean that in a good way). Dealing with tough situations almost every day can get to you. In such situations, one must be positive. Buzz wears his smile all the time, even in the most difficult situations. With his charismatic personality, Buzz radiates energy to lighten the situation for others. Though focused on his mission, Buzz is casual, easygoing, and carefree. He takes his mission seriously but does not let it affect him beyond repair. Action, not words – is what matters to him the most. Buzz does not believe in planning much, but rather accepts and handles what happens without getting worried.

Buzz is Forever loyal

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ – that’s exactly what Buzz Lightyear is for you! He understands, believes, and trusts his pals. He listens to concerns and tries to find solutions with his logical and tactical approach. He is the protector of his group and overcomes any obstacles that come their way.

He’s a witty and cool guy

Buzz wears his heart on his sleeves. He has no filter which brings out his witty best. Unlike others, he has a lot to say, and his catchy phrases are totally relatable. From ‘There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere’ to ‘I tell you, I could fly around this room with my eyes closed!’ We have all felt like Buzz sometime in our lives. A seemingly complicated personality, Buzz Lightyear feels real emotions like a human – pride, anger, depression, and sadness. So, if you want to understand him better, you have to think of him more like a human, than a spaceman.

Meet Buzz and relive his origins story on June 17 as Pixar’s Lightyear hits your nearest theaters.

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