Kristen Bell Stands STRONG With Dax Shepard Battling Drug Relapse
Kristen Bell Stands STRONG With Dax Shepard Battling Drug Relapse (Pic credit: Instagram/kristenanniebell)

Last month Dax Shepard had conceded that he has relapsed following 16 years of sobriety and he is now taking painkillers after his accident in August. His wife Kristen Bell has now given an update about his health in her latest interview.


Appearing on The Ellen Show, Bell said, “He is actually doing really great. I mean look, you know, everybody’s up against their own demons, sometimes it’s anxiety and depression, sometimes it’s substance abuse.” The 40-year-old actress also spoke about how she is proud of her husband since he was honest about his slip.


Kristen Bell said, “The thing I love most about Dax is … that he was able to tell me and tell us and say, ‘We need a different plan.’ We have a plan: if he has to take medication for any reason, I have to administer it. But he was like, ‘We need a stronger plan.'” She also noted that one of the reasons she loves about her husband Dax Shepard that he is addicted to growth.

The Good Place actress explained to the host Ellen DeGeneres, “He’s addicted to evolving. He was like, ‘I don’t want to risk this family and I did, so let’s put new things in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again'”

Bell also recalled that her husband had shared with her about his faltering and needed to do some ’emotional work’ to find out why he relapsed. She also said that she and her Dax Shepard devised a new plan of going back to therapy. “I will continue to stand by him because he’s very, very worth it,” she added.

Dax Shepard had previously on his own podcast Armchair Expert, titled “Day 7” which was aired on September 25, had opened up about his relapse for the first time. He also said that he has been taking opioids.

During his podcast, the Parenthood actor began saying, “So eight years into sobriety, I have not done a single shady thing. There was nothing grey.” However, in 2012 he was dealing with his late father’s cancer diagnosis. At that time he got into a motorcycle accident on the way to work. Since then there had been ups and downs over the last eight years. And now he has been taking Vicodin to manage the pain, that things began to take a turn.

“For the last eight weeks maybe, I don’t really know…I’m on them all day,” Shepard said. “And I’m allowed to be on them at some dosage because I have a prescription and then I’m also augmenting that. And then all the prescriptions run out and I’m now just taking 30 mil Oxys that I’ve bought whenever I decide I can do [it].”

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