Kim Kardashian Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker
Kim Kardashian Gets Restraining Order Against Fan Who Sent Diamond Ring(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian adds another incident to her long list of controversies! Recently, The beauty mogul received threats from an unknown stalker who called her his wife and reportedly sent a diamond ring. Amongst the list of numerous stalkers of Kim Kardashian, this one went a little too far!

In the recent development of stories, Kim Kardashian claims that she was harassed by a fan who was obsessed to an extent that he used to call her “wife”. The stalker also reached out to Kim’s home. Right after the complaint, Kim Kardashian got a temporary restraining order against the stalker.



According to a report by TMZ, the 42-year-reality star came first in contact with the stalker in December. Later, he would make multiple visits to her home and was stopped by the security fearing for her safety and the children. Kim Kardashian’s attorney claims the stalker also sent a diamond ring and keys to a hotel room where he wanted to meet her and that made Kim uncomfortable.

The document obtained by TMZ reveals that the stalker’s name is Jomonie Victor Zigler. He would also post explicit messages about her on social media claiming that Kim was his spouse. All this led to the reality star going through emotional distress amid the pileup of unwanted advances from the stalker named Jomonie Victor Zigler.

Kim Kardashian was also scared as the stalker had a previous criminal history that includes firearms and threats. Following the controversy, a judge agreed to sign off on a restraining order against the stalker until a hearing, scheduled for next month.

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