Kim Kardashian Talks About Cancel Culture
Kim Kardashian Calls Cancel Culture Ridiculous(Photo Credit: Facebook)

You like her or not, Kim Kardashian is one of the most trending names on the internet at any given moment. In the past few months, or let’s say a major part of 2021, she has managed to be in the headlines forever. First for the speculations about her divorce with former husband Kanye West, then finally confirming it and everything that followed. Right now she is making news for her alleged bussing romance with SNL fame Casanova Pete Davidson and yes, she also dropped West from her surname.

So the crux is that she makes news in abundance. But not always is it positive and sometimes she does fall in the lap of the controversy thus leading her to the troop of Cancel Culture. The beauty mogul is now talking about what she feels about the rigorous culture that is seeping into the industry. Read on to know everything you should about the same.



Kim Kardashian was in conversation with Bari Weiss, The New York Times writer, who spoke to her about the Cancel Culture. “You’ve occasionally been accused of cultural appropriation for hairstyles or costumes that you’ve worn. I remember once there was an uproar because people felt that the Instagram filter that you used was too dark,” Weiss said. “But on occasion, you’ve responded to these critics, sometimes even making a big change. After a lot of criticism about the name of your shapewear company—it was originally called Kimono—you changed it to SKIMS. How do you decide when to respond and when to protect yourself against the outrage addicts online?”

Kim Kardashian went on to say, “In the instance of Kimono and changing that name, it was an innocent name that the team came up with. But when I got a letter from the Japanese officials, I took it extremely seriously. It wasn’t even a question. I immediately halted production, and there were a lot of pieces in production. I said, “Give me a week,” and I had to think of a new name. Anyone that is starting a business knows how difficult it is to come up with a name and the trademarking and everything, but it just wasn’t an option not to.”

Kim Kardashian added, “That’s why I think cancel culture is the most ridiculous thing, because I really do believe—and you and I have been at several dinners together where people are discussing their thoughts on it—in rehabilitation and freedom of speech. I’ve never really been into cancel culture.”

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