Anti-Valentine Hollywood Dramas To Watch
Kill Bill, 500 Days Of Summer & Blue Valentine, Hollywood Movies That Are Anti-Valentine Watch ( Photo Credit – IMDb / Kill Bill / 500 Days Of Summer / Blue Valentine )

February is the month of love, well just because it shelters Valentine’s Day. If you are single or just out of a relationship, we are happy to announce we have successfully passed the phase you were hiding from, and the Anti-Valentine’s has begun. If you had a date and are still reminiscing the time you had with them last Sunday, good morning, the world is waiting. Cinema may have highly focused on the fairy tale romance and the perfect love that we have hardly found, but once in a while it also gives us a taste of the reality and our practical radar is treated with love stories that we connect to.


If you are a Bollywood watching person and reading a Hollywood listicle, remember Alizeh said “Love Teda Hai”? Just that. So today on Koimoi as we all deal with Valentines Day blues and wait for the next to recreate the fairy tale date let’s take a look at some Hollywood films that weren’t set in the fantasy lands but the weird place that we could relate to or well say where everything wasn’t merry.

500 Days Of Summer


For all the hopeless romantics who have invested in the person who said ‘you deserve much better’, this is your bible. Hollywood gen Z classic 500 Days Of Summer is about a man dumped by his girlfriend and is now recollecting where did he go wrong in the 500 days that they dated each other. Joseph Gorden Levitt and Zooey Deschanel starrer is quirky at all the flings that didn’t work out but taught something.

Paper Towns

Quentin is the staple Hollywood childhood lover who has stalked his obsession forever. But Margo is no damsel to give him signals; rather she gives him the distress. After a night full of adventures, fun and hopes, Margo disappears suddenly leaving clues for Quentin to find. Watch Paper Towns, an adaptation of John Green’s book; your Anti Valentine heart won’t regret.

Blue Valentine

Things get real now. A couple almost on the verge of a failing marriage have no motivation to keep it sailing. While that is enough heartbreak already, we are shown how Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling came together in the first place. Heartbreak level 200 achieved.

Kill Bill

I know your reaction, a Quentin Tarantino film. In this list? But didn’t Hollywood classic Kill Bill began searching for a wedding dress and ended with over 40 people being killed? Well, a psych that dwells in our head is happy with the one-line summary. An assassin woman named The Bride is out there to take revenge on her ex-lover Bill, who tried to kill her on her wedding day, well well well!

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

The Hollywood classic makes it to possibly every listicle, be it romance, sci-fi, coming of age, suspense, literally everything. It’s about forgetting the past, forgetting the love that was, and while in that process to relive it. Starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in characters that are as convoluted as me and you are, this Hollywood classic is a futuristic take and a technology that might turn out to be true someday since heartbreak does trigger invention somewhere.

Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments section below! Also, stick to this space, Valentine’s is a day, Anti-Valentine’s isn’t can be celebrated anytime we feel like.

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