Khloe Kardashian Has EXPOSED Momma Kris Jenner With Her Comments? Fans Say So!
Khloe Kardashian Has EXPOSED Momma Kris Jenner With Her Comments? Fans Say So!

There have always been murmurs around Kris Jenner that she isn’t as great mom to Kardashian sisters as she comes across to be. After watching one of the recent episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians the fans are suspicious over Kris all over again.

A Reddit thread named ‘Khloe Shows Kris’ True Colours More Than Anyone.’ has fans talking about how Kris Jenner is a cold mom and doesn’t care enough for Kardashian sisters.



The discussion post on Reddit by username krocha2517 reads as “So last week Khloe was Kris’ assistant for a day. I can’t remember if it was the comment about why would kris need Kendall’s schedule when that’s Kendall’s assistants job, and how kris doesn’t do shit for khloe, or something else that was sad. But it was just another comment that showed us how kris really is.”

Further explaining the point, the user said, “Now. I’m currently rewatching the the series. I’m back to season 16 episode 12 – jordyn goes on red table. Khloe calls kris fuming bc as her manager she could’ve prevented this and also inform khloe what was going to happen. She didn’t. In the car when khloe was yelling at kris she says “you don’t get it. You never called me to check on me until I told you””

The user even said that Kris has never really felt like a mom of Kardashians. The post further reads as, “I mean. 😶 there’s kris Jenner fans and I get it. But since day one I’ve never been a fan or felt like she was their mom. She saw them as $$$ sure they joke about Kris having favorites but… idk. I grew up joking w my parents saying my brother was their favourite and TIL this day they get upset and don’t want me thinking that. Like how adults ask kids who do you love more mommy or daddy? Just dumb ass shit that can effect someone.”

Other fans also joined in and supported the thoughts.

“A lot of Khloé’s little comments and jokes about Kris are true, and it’s Khloé’s way of calling her out” commented a guy with username thewestfamily.”

Another user named seyiasansomachan commented, “I think Kris never has liked Khloe like she likes the others…. for reasons dating back to childhood AND because Khloe, for many years when the show started wasn’t a s*x pot or had the looks. Remember when Kris told Khloe to stop eating cookies because she’s making the brand look bad. Lmao so evil.”

Well, that’s that! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section.

Meanwhile, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is all set to start streaming on Netflix soon. Are you ready?

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