Keanu Reeves Reveals He Asked Two Stars For Autographs
Keanu Reeves Talks About His Autograph Stories ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly the epitome of gentlemen in Hollywood. The actor over years has become an icon as he starred in some highly acclaimed movies, many of which have a cult status right now. The actor has a fanbase spread across the globe and there is no way they will ever hear a single bad comment about their star. Bit did you know when Reeves has his share of fanboy moment in Hollywood? Yes, and he now reveals the only two people he took autographs of.

Keanu Reeves always make sure he appreciated everything he likes. The actor is right now in news for reprising Neo in The Matrix Resurrections after two long decades. And also the news around him donating his salary for a good cause. The actor has now decided to reveal his two fan boy moments and talk about them. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

Keanu Reeves while talking about many things from films to his life, opened up that he has only taken autographs from two people and they are the Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed as well as his Bill & Ted co-star, George Carlin. The actor was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he made the revelation.

Keanu Reeves confessed that he took Lou Reed’s autographs for a friend. He said, “He was cool about it. It was a little piece of paper, and it was blue ink. And it just said ‘Lou Reed.'” Colbert joked, “It would have been really disappointing if it didn’t say ‘Lou Reed.'” Reeves replied, “I know … But it could have said ‘all my best’ or …”

But George Colin’s autograph for himself. “He wrote … I think it was, ‘Dear Keanu, F*ck you!'” Keanu Reeves added, “I always thought he just wrote that for me … Then I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them! … Anyway, beautiful.”

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