Case Study Of Zyzzyx Road, The Lowest Grosser Of All Time
Zyzzyx Road Holds The Record Of Being World’s Lowest Grosser (PC: IMDb)

Not many but a few films released in the pandemic and all of them collected far below expectations. Due to a huge number of COVID-19 cases coming every day, cinema has been the least priority for the people and box office has faced the burn badly. However, even the business some films did in this dull phase is more than Hollywood film Zyzzyx Road did back in 2006.

The John Penney directed thriller had Katherine Heigl, Leo Grillo and Tom Sizemore among others and was made on a budget of $1.2 million but collected *hold your breath* $30 only at the box office.



Of course, the film was bad but that wasn’t the only reason behind it being a non-performer. Reportedly, in the US, the Screen Actors Guild, the union for all the TV & Film actors has a rule. It states that the actors can only be paid less while making a movie lesser than the $2.5 million budget if it releases in cinemas. Because in that case, the actor’s career gets a boost.

The makers of Zyzzyx Road didn’t want to release the film in cinemas and targetted to earn money by selling foreign DVD and TV rights. However, just for the sake of it, they gave the film a theatrical release in 1 US cinema. It had only 1 show in the theatre for 7 days and earned $30 from there.

Well, you can only expect that much if a film doesn’t have any kind of visibility among the audience and no distribution at all. Isn’t it? But interestingly, there’s more to it! Out of the very few people who watched the film two were a makeup artist who worked for the film and his friend. When the film’s actor came to know about it refunded the ticket amount which means the legit business of the film was lesser than that. LOL!

So, that’s the case of the World’s lowest-grossing film of all time. Interesting? Stay Tuned to Koimoi for more updates like these.

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