Kanye West Showing Adidas Employees A P*rno Film Has Netizens Enraged!
Kanye West Showing Adidas Employees A P*rno Film Has Netizens Enraged! Slam The Rapper Saying “They Don’t Need Him & Neither Does Any Other Reputable Company.” ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Twitter ; Youtube )

Kanye West is in the news again. After being suspended from both Instagram and Twitter last week for sharing antisemitic statements, the rapper-entrepreneur has turned to YouTube to share his thoughts. Ye – as he is now legally know, uploaded a 30-minute documentary on Monday, titled ‘LAST WEEK.’ This video gives viewers a glimpse into his personal and professional endeavours.

But what’s caught everyone’s attention is the father of four in a business meeting with Adidas executives. Why is it raising eyebrows? Well, in it the rapper is seen showing visible uncomfortable execs p*rn on his phone. Read on to know what he says in the clip and what netizens think of it.



The meeting with Adidas— which commences at around the 10:26 mark — shows Kanye West standing in front of four colleagues seated on black stools. While all their faces are blurred, it is presumed that two of the men are the sports company’s execs and the remaining are believed to be members of Ye’s team. The video shows him standing in front of the execs seated together to the left of the semicircle, and showing them something on his phone – which they all lean in and watch.

As Kanye West holds up his phone, one of the execs asks, “Is this a p*rn movie?” to which West replied, “Yeah.” While the executive sits back, noticeably shocked, and exclaims “Jesus Christ” an unbothered Ye continues to hold his phone showing the video. He then goes on to explain the parallel between the video and his relationship with Adidas. The rapper says, “So basically, I’m only going to work with Adidas if he’s (pointing to one of the men) the CEO.”

Continuing further the Yeezy designer said, “You guys have done wrong by the company, by the business and by the partnership. The whole concept of this video is that the guy had cheated. So then the girl was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna do the thing that is your worst nightmare.’ This is your worst nightmare.” He added, “Your worst nightmare is not me hitting you. Your worst nightmare is not me playing the p*rn. Your worst nightmare is not me screaming. We’ve done all this. That’s your worst nightmare and then worst nightmare number 2.”

Seeing and hearing this, one of the Adidas executives asked, “Is it your dream, or is it a nightmare? What are we doing?” To this, one of the rapper’s liaisons replied, “What you’re feeling right now is extreme discomfort, and that is exactly the point because when someone steals this man’s ideas, his creations, it’s like you’re stealing a child. These are all children of his mind, and you’ve kidnapped them.” He continued, “There are Yeezy-inspired derivatives that are making significant revenue because people can’t tell the difference because it’s so inspired. … He’s angry, and he’s right.”

It’s unclear exactly when this meeting took place, but based on comments made in the video, it was possibly the day after Ye terminated his partnership with Gap on Sept. 15. The termination happened as the retail giant did not deliver on promises to release certain styles and open dedicated Yeezy Gap stores as planned.

Check out the clip here:

Reacting to this Kanye West stunt, netizens aren’t happy. Slamming Ye for harassing the Addidas employees, one netizen wrote, “he’s so disgusting you can tell they felt extremely uncomfortable” Another added, “@kanyewest if fascism is your “beautiful dark twisted fantasy”, mission accomplished. You give people with mental health issues a bad name. Adidas and GAP are BETTER without you. Get well.” A third added, “I would question the integrity of any company that does business with #KanyeWest or has any kind of business association with him. Adidas doesn’t need him and neither does any other reputable company.”

Another added, “Adidas says its relationship with Kanye West is under review. My quick review says they should drop his ass immediately.” Another added, “He’s begging them to drop him. That’s the whole point of all this. He gets to keep his@yeezy brand. It’s wild. I probably wouldn’t have done it this way.”

What are your thoughts after seeing this video of Kane West showing Adidas executives a p*rn video? Let us know in the comments.

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