Kanye West Registers As Presidential Candidate In Connecticut; 50 Cent Faces Backlash For Supporting Donald Trump
Kanye West Registers As Presidential Candidate In Connecticut; 50 Cent Faces Backlash For Supporting Donald Trump (Pic credit – Getty Images / Kanye West ; Instagram / 50 Cent )

While US Elections stay the prominent topic for discussion in the US, two rappers, Kanye West and 50 Cent have also dominated the headlines today. While Ye has registered as a write-in candidate for the presidential office in Connecticut, Cent has stood at the receiving end of the backlash for voicing his support for Donald Trump. Below are all the details you would want to know about both the rappers.

Starting with Kanye, the rapper who announced his presidential bid in July, has not been investing much in campaigning. Instead, he went silent after his first public speech. Turns out, Ye is very much in the race and has registered his candidature at Connecticut.



As per reports on various portals, Connecticut’s Secretary of the State’s office received Kanye West’s request to register his name on Tuesday. Connecticut right now has 10 candidates for the office including Kanye. The rapper will be contesting the election in 12 states. His team fid try to get some more states but missed the deadlines.

On Monday, Kanye West did release an election campaign advertisement. It featured a Connecticut voter named Davey. He said, “When I think about my next president, I think about somebody who’s going to help people, care about family, create jobs — these are things that Kanye West has already done”.

Apart from Kanye West, talking about 50 Cent, the rapper criticised Joe Biden’s policies and backed current President Trump in his social media post. He wrote, “WHAT THE F***! (VOTE For TRUMP) IM OUT, F*** NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway.” Furthe, he added how he doesn’t mind Trump not supporting people of colour and wrote, “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% of you out of ya f***ing mind.” He followed up the post by saying, “I don’t want to be 20%. 62% is a very, very bad idea. I don’t like it!”

50 Cent’s reaction did create an outrage on social media. In no time he was subjected to a massive backlash from the people who did not like how he spoke about the black population in his Tweet. Even his ex Chelsea Handler criticised his words.

Reacting to 50 Cent’s tweet, Handler wrote, “Hey f*cker! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily! Black lives matter. That’s you, f*cker! Remember?”

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