Justin Bieber Once Punched A Fan In Barcelona For Trying To Touch His Face
Throwback: When Justin Bieber Punched Fan In Barcelona ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Justin Bieber became a hit among teenagers when he himself was a teenager for his song ‘Baby’, and he has been in the limelight since then. But as Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility; in this, instead of it will be fame. But Bieber’s fame brought him a lot of controversies along with lots of love from his fans. There have been quite some instances when the singer got caught punching his fans.

There were incidents when Bieber punched his fans or threw away their gifts. In this article, we will discuss the time he hit a fan in Barcelona. Read on to know why he did that and what actually went down!

Back in 2016, when Justin Bieber went on a tour in Barcelona, Spain, a fan ran up to his car and stuck his hand in the window as per reports. The singer was then 22 years old, and he instantly punched the fan in his face, making his lip bleed. Back then, the video of the incident was caught on camera by TMZ. He was arriving at his concert at the city’s Palau Sant Jordi stadium; his car window was down as he was greeting his fans.

As per the report, the guy called out his name, and he stretched his hand inside the car through the window. He was heard saying that he has touched Justin Bieber’s face just before the singer landed a punch on his face.

According to a report by People, he threw a lot of tantrums while he performed in the United Kingdom and also in Manchester; Justin Bieber once stormed off in the middle of his show.

Presently, Justin Bieber was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which left half of his face paralysed. And, professionally, because of illness, many of his tours and concerts got cancelled. He also became one of the youngest musicians to sell his music catalogue for an amount of $200 million.

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