Academy Member Harry Lennix Suggest Will Smith To Voluntarily Hand Over His Oscars After Slapping Chris Rock!
Academy Members Harry Lennix Feel Will Smith Should Return His Oscars As A Fitting Penalty For His Actions ( Photo Credit – Harry Lennix, Will Smith, Chris Rock / IMDb )

Hollywood actor Will Smith stirred quite some controversy after he slapped fellow comedian-actor Chris Rock right across the face over a ‘bald’ joke on wife Jada Pinkett Smith, during the recent Oscars 2022.

Within 20 mins after the mishap, the MIB actor went on to win an Oscar for his performace in Richard King. Well, it was quite obvious that the academy would indeed take some strict action against him. However, now a member from the Academy has something to say on the action taken against the actor.



Just a few days ago, the Academy had announced that Will Smith was banned from attending the Oscars as well as other event organized by the Academy for the next 10 years. However, one of the members of the Academy and veteran actor Harry Lennix, in his op-ed written for Variety, called Will’s Oscar ban a “toothless penalty” and compared his action of slapping Chris Rock over a mere joke “an extended time out for a playground bully” that “lays bare the shallowness of Hollywood morals”.

Continuing his view on Will Smith and Chris Rock’s ugly spat during the Oscars, Harry Lennix’s op-ed read, “Smith’s brutality stripped the entire evening of its prestige,” he also added “That was proven when stunned Oscar attendees gave a standing ovation to someone who’d just committed an assault in front of their eyes.

Talking about Will’s unacceptable behaviour, Harry wrote, “With one deft blow, Will Smith created an existential crisis for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences,” “The incident was such a jolt to societal norms that it will gnaw away at our national conscience until somehow properly atoned for.” he added further.

Finally concluding his take on the controversy, Harry Lennix suggest Will Smith one thing, he said, “the stain on the Motion Picture Academy cannot be easily remediated, and the only hope for a justifiable grace must involve Smith voluntarily returning his award for best actor.”

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