Warner Bros Did Not Want Todd Phillips To Make Joker?
Warner Bros Cut Budgets To Discourage Todd Phillips To Not Make Joker? (Pic credit – Movie Still)

Last year, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker roared the loudest turned out to be glorious at every possible award night, including 11 nominations at the Oscars and the Best Actor victory for Phoenix. But did you know that the big wigs at Warner Bros were initially not sure about the film? They even tried a way or two to make Todd Phillips drop the plan of making it. Yes you read that right, the newest reports are claiming this, and we can see WB thanking their stars right now. Read on to know more about the same.

Joker, that made its way to the big screen last year went on to be a success story for everyone associated. The film was based on Batman’s archenemy Joker and centred him and his journey from when he started to become the devil he is. The film went on to become one of the most successful R rated films for Warner Bros.

Now, as per a report in We Got This Covered, the bosses at Warner Bros had no good intuitions about Joker. The studio was not even impressed with the $55 Million budget pitched, which was way cheap for a film of this scale. WB chief Toby Emmerich made every possible try that he could avoid Joker from being made. The report says that he even cut down the budget of the film, so Todd Phillips drops the idea and walks away.

A source close to the development said, “Film studio chief Emmerich was not a fan of the project, it was defended by worldwide marketing president Blair Rich, who was recently pushed out. Emmerich low-balled on the budget to discourage director Todd Phillips from making it, and when the filmmaker persisted, sold off half the movie.”

But as they say, some intuitions are wrong, and Warner Bros got saved that they did not shack a film that brought billions to their banks. Joker now has become a cult, and the globe is waiting for the sequel which is said to be in the production.

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