Joker 2 Story Arc Revealed?
Joker 2 To Have 3 Separate Clown Prince Of Crime? (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The future of a sequel to the 2019 hit anti-hero film Joker seems to be blurred but not dark. The film that even brought an Oscar for the studio, that too with an anti-hero, is the highest-grossing R-rated film for them. There is no way Warner Bros will not want to reprise the Arthur Fleck saga that starred Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character. While many things have already made news about the film, the newest update is about the story arc.

If you have been in touch with the news, you must be aware that Todd Philips has joined the Joker 2 team as a co-writer this time. There is no confirmation whether is joining just as a writer or will take back his director chair too. But this update was enough to leave fans excited that the Clown Prince Of Crime is coming back. Because Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Philips had already broken hearts saying their were not up for a sequel yet. Now read on to know the latest update.



While a lot is being speculated and spoken about the Joker 2, We Got This Covered has added one more to the list. If the portal is to be believed, the premise of the sequel has been revealed. And if the report on the portal is anything to go by, the sequel is all set to follow the Batman: Three Jokers Arc bringing three version of the Clown Prince Of Crime.

If you go by the comic books, in the Batman: Three Jokers arc, the Dark Knight realises there are three different versions of Joker in Gotham city creating menace. The three versions are named Criminal, Clown and Comedian, all describing a different aspect of Joker’s personality. There is no confirmation of this is true of not but the buzz is strong.

How excited are you if this happens to be true in Joker 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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