Johnny Depp's Friends Says Amber Heard Believes "Fighting Is Passion"
Johnny Depp’s Friends Talk About The On-Going Trial Against Amber Heard(Photo Credit: Instagram/wikimedia)

Johnny Depp’s friend Gina Deuters believes that Amber Heard is hell-bent on destroying the actor. The ongoing trial has people across the globe taking sides. While many are favouring Depp, a few have backed Heard. Even some celebs have shown their support for those whom they have sided with.

Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Salma Hayek, and many other A-listers are said to be supporting the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. It was reported that RDJ is trying his best to rope in Johnny or Sherlock Holmes 3. While James Franco, Ellen Barkin, and Elon Musk have sided with the Aquaman actress.

Now, as per Page Six, Johnny Depp’s longtime friend Gina Deuters, who is the wife of Depp’s business partner and assistant Stephen Deuters believes that Amber Heard thrives on drama. She alleged that the actor was the real victim here. “There was one thing Amber said at the wedding. She kind of leaned into me and said, ‘Do you and Stephen ever fight?’” Deuter said.

“‘We sometimes have an argument’, and she was like, ’No, Gina, like really fight?’ And it was kind of unnerving. [I thought], ‘Do you enjoy it?’” Johnny Depp’s friend recalled. “I think there is a part of Amber that [believes] fighting is passion. It means there’s sparks, and fireworks [in the relationship]. [Amber Heard] is someone who is always used to getting what she wants. She is quite entitled, and I think she made big demands in their divorce,” Gina added.

“My husband called her a sociopathic show pony, and he certainly doesn’t regret it,” she explained. Recently, Chris Rock talked about the defamation trial and sided with Johnny by making jokes about it.

The comedian said that people should trust ‘all women’ but Amber Heard during his performance. Johnny Depp fans are also showing support for the star in whatever way possible. Several have lined up in front of the court while others have travelled kilometres and spent lakhs just to witness the trial in person.

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