Johnny Depp Once Revealed He Did Not Have A Normal Childhood As He Grew Up In A 'Ghost House' With An Abusive Mother
Johnny Depp Once Revealed He Did Not Have A Normal Childhood As He Grew Up In A ‘Ghost House’ With An Abusive Mother ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Johnny Depp is among the most influential actors in the film industry. With his sheer brilliance, he has brought many characters to life and entertained the audience thoroughly. To date, Johnny creates magic on screens and his loyal fans love him for the talented being that he is. While he can have anything in life now, things were different when he was growing up. The actor once revealed that he lived in a “ghost house.” Scroll down to read the scoop.

Depp began his acting career when he was just a teenager with the 1984 horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. He went on to do more gigs before he rose to fame with the television series 21 Jump Street in 1987. The Jeanne du Barry actor soon became a Hollywood heartthrob with his talent and good looks, as many women admitted to crushing on him.

While he has reached the peak of fame, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor did not have a normal childhood. Talking about the Depp household with Rolling Stone, Johnny Depp once revealed what it was like growing up with three older siblings and a mother who used to hit him. He revealed that since his father was a civil engineer and was not home most of the time, his mother, Betty Sue, raised the four of them and had no mercy.

Getting into more detail, the Edward Scissorhands star revealed that his mother would throw anything at him that came in her hand. He said, “Yeah, there were irrational beatings…Maybe it’s an ashtray coming your way. Maybe you’re gonna get clunked with the phone.” Describing his house, Johnny Depp called it a “Ghost house” and added, “no one talked. I don’t think there ever was a way I thought about people, especially women, other than ‘I can fix them.’”

Despite his tumultuous childhood, Johnny Depp “worshipped” his mother and even got her a horse farm with one of his first big paychecks. He even revealed that he used to rub her feet when she returned from waiting tables and counted her tips.

Seemingly, as Johnny grew up, his relationship with his mother grew stronger for better and they were often photographed smiling together. In 2016, Betty Sue passed away, and during her funeral, Depp said, “My mom was maybe the meanest human being I have ever met in my life.”

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