Johnny Depp & Kate Moss Once Destroyed An Entire Hotel Room? Here's What Happened
Johnny Depp & Kate Moss Were So Much In Love That They Once Destroyed An Entire Hotel Room? ( Photo Credit – Kate Moss Agency / Instagram; Johnny Depp / IMDb )

Ever since Johnny Depp gained popularity as one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, controversies followed him everywhere. Be it his personal life or his professional achievements, Johnny has always been on the news. Not just for his acting skills, the Fantastic Beasts actor is also famous for his dating history. However, did you know that he was arrested after destroying a hotel room when he was in ‘out-of-control’ love with Kate Moss? Yes, you read that right. Scroll below to find out what happened!

Recently, Johnny’s feud with his ex-wife Amber Heard has grabbed a lot of attention across the world. Even though he won the defamation case against Amber and settled it, it was news that used to do rounds on every media portal for days.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’s relationship was quite famous and well, for all the wrong reasons. They were madly in love with each other and their separation wasn’t a happy one. In many interviews after that Moss had shared that she had cried over Depp for years. However, it doesn’t change the fact that their relationship was based on substance abuse – parties, booze, cigarettes, s*x, and copious amounts of drugs, as mentioned in Champagne Supernova written by journalist Maureen Callahan.

One of the instances that grabbed most of the attention in their three years of dating life, was when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss had destroyed a whole hotel room of The Mark. That day there was a lot of disturbance coming from the room that made the people suspicious of them, Roger Daltry, a member of the Rock band The Who had called the cops on them. Later, the cops had arrested Johnny.

Even though there were no proper reasons given what had happened that day in that room, in one of the interviews, Johnny had shared that it was the fault of a rogue armadillo. In another media conversation, Depp had revealed that the destruction happened after he chased a cockroach. Well, armadillo or cockroach, the truth behind that day’s incident might always be hidden. Check out the video here shared by Facts Verse as they talk about Johnny Depp’s arrest that day.

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