Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Trial: Orthopedic Surgeon Talks About Depp's Finger Injury, Says Photo Evidence Was Inconsistent
Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Trial: Orthopedic Surgeon Says Depp’s Description Of Finger Injury Doesn’t Line Up(Photo Credit–Instagram/Facebook)

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard deformation trial is currently underway at a Fairfax County Court in Virginia and we bring you the latest happenings from the courtroom. As per reports and video of the hearing, Orthopedic surgeon Dr Richard Moore stood and he had stated that The Lone Ranger actor’s description of his bloodied finger injury doesn’t line up. Read on.

The latest coming in from the Heard vs Depp case is Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez seeking to undermine Dr Richard Moore’s testimony concerning his statement on the actor‘s mangled finger. The lawyer has argued that Moore – who never treated or examined Depp’s hand in person, was not in a position to definitively rule out that the hurled vodka bottle caused his injury.

As reported by NY Post, the latest happening from the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard deformation trial, sees the Orthopedic surgeon, Dr Richard Moore on the stand. The videos from the hearing see Camille Vasquez suggesting that Dr Moore formed his opinion about the cause of the Pirate of the Caribbean hand finger without reviewing photos of the bloody scene from his Australian home.

During the interrogation, Johnny Depp’s lawyer brought up the image that showed the Fantastic Beast actor’s residence’s bar area littered with broken glass and his severed fingertip resting in tissue on a bloodstained floor. She also noted that a broken vodka bottle could be seen in the corner of the room. The Orthopedic surgeon however noted that no shards of glass were found embedded in Depp’s maimed finger, and no lacerations were documented elsewhere on the injured digit.

In his statement, he had said, “My testimony is that I can rule out the injury as caused by the mechanism described by Mr Depp in his deposition.” He even said that the photo evidence was inconsistent with a “glass explosion” caused by a bottle being lobbed at the hand. He went on to add that in all his years of practice, he has never seen injuries like those suffered by Johnny Depp being caused in this manner.

Several X-rays of Johnny’s finger were also shown to the jury, displaying crushed bones in his finger. They were also shown highly graphic photos of Johnny Depp’s mangled finger, showing a chunk of his fingertip missing but the nail looking intact. Commenting on this, Dr Richard Moore told the court that based on photos of Depp’s severed finger – his nail was not injured, which would have happened had a bottle been thrown at it and struck the finger from the top as the actor claimed.

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