John Legend Says Wife Chrissy Is Jealous Of His India Trip
John Legend Says Wife Chrissy Is Jealous Of His India Trip , Promises To Return Soon ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Grammy Award winner John Legend who came to India for a music-concert on March 4 and 5 has performed with rapper Raja Kumari during the musical tour.

The duo wrote the song ‘Keep Walking’ together late last year but performed it for the first time in front of Indian audiences.

John Legend came to India on a brief trip for the gig but left his wife Chrissy Teigen jealous with the trip. He told IANS that she wants to come back to India with the family soon too. “In the age of the Internet, while the craft of the music is more defined and categorical than ever, the soul in our music largely seems to be missing,” John said, adding: “It’s because the songs which are made for the masses are designed keeping all aspects of social media in mind to make it commercially rewarding.”

John Legend performed with Raja Kumari as a part of Walkers and Co Tour — a platform that celebrates the bold boundary pushers through communities, co-creations, and collaborations driving the message of ‘Keep Walking.’

He further added, ” I think there’s still so much beautiful, soulful music being made right now. But sometimes, songs need to ‘go viral’ on social media to succeed. And the things that make something go viral aren’t necessarily the same attributes that make them good music. But I still have faith that people want to hear great music and will find it,” he said.

When asked how his touring schedule looks for this year, John Legend said: “I’ll be playing solo for most of this year. Having just released my Solo Piano Version of ‘LEGEND’, I love playing the music in its simplest, most intimate form. It allows me to connect more deeply with my audience and I love sharing more of my life and my stories with them.”

As for what keeps him walking, John said that it’s his music that fuels his passion. “I love making music. I love writing, producing, and performing it. I’m always striving for excellence and growth creatively. I always want my next project to be my best project. That will keep me motivated to ‘Keep Walking,” he said.

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