Jessie J Apologizes To Nicki Minaj After Their Feud Over The Song ‘Bang Bang’
Jessie J Apologizes To Nicki Minaj Over Claims About Their Song ‘Bang Bang’(Image Credit: Facebook/Nicki Minaj, Jessie J)

Nicki Minaj and Jessie J are two big names in the pop-music industry who have delivered hits after the other. The duo has also collaborated, along with Ariana Grande in the 2014 song ‘Bang Bang’. It has been seven years since the release of the song. Nicki and Jessie found themselves in a feud over the origin story of ‘Bang Bang’.


Nicki called out Jessie after the singer made some claims about the song. The ‘Price Tag’ singer said that the rapper had asked to join the song. Nicki took to Twitter to clear the air out.

Jessie J reached out to Nicki Minaj with a heartfelt apology. The singer shared a video on Instagram from 2015. In the caption, Jessie wrote, “I respect you publicly being yourself @nickiminaj • So here I am being myself,” It continued, “This is a video of me back in 2015 on stage taking the piss out of myself which is basically an hour of my set 🥲”


“It was made into a meme about 2 weeks ago. Is that what this is really about? And where this weird energy between us began? Or maybe it was when you used me as a stair rail at the AMAs. That was also funny af 😂” the caption of the video posted by Jessie J read. Through the caption, the singer asked Nicki Minaj if a meme showing her lip-synching to Minaj’s verses in Bang Bang made the situation between the two tense.

The ‘Domino’ singer then went on apologizing to the ‘Anaconda’ rapper. She said, “I’m sorry I got the story wrong all these years, I was told you heard the song and wanted to be on it by someone clearly gassing me up at the label.” She then suggested for the two musicians catch up to celebrate the seven-year anniversary of their single.

While things seem to boil down between Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, the singer also opened up about her current medical condition, which has hampered her ability to sing. She took to her Instagram to share an emotional clip of herself singing her new song, ‘I Want Love’. This was which was originally intended for a speech therapist. However, she stated that she had been unable to perform due to vocal nodules and acid reflux.

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