Jessica Alba: "Post COVID-19, If Anybody Is Going To Stay Home, It'll Be The Men"
Jessica Alba: “Post COVID-19, If Anybody Is Going To Stay Home, It’ll Be The Men” (Pic credit – Jessica Alba/ Instagram )

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba feels women will not take a step back as the entertainment industry moves towards revival in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. She says women are going to be in high demand, adding that if anybody is going to stay at home, it will probably be men.

“I actually feel like women are in such high demand that if anybody is going to be staying at home, it will probably be going to be the men,” Alba said while talking about how the industry will change after the virus crisis, and the place of women in the new reality.

“There really is a major pull on women — behind the camera, in executive positions, in positions of power — because it is proven that your business will thrive and will be better off, if there’s diversity. So, if you have too much of one thing or the another, it just won’t have the right amount of debate to produce top notch quality product. So, I actually think there is going to be a lot more demand for women to work and there’s going to be higher paying positions probably for women,” she added.

The “Fantastic Four” star continued: “I think it’s going to be more of a fast-forwarding cultural shift, where men are participating in domestic things, and sharing a lot of that domestic burden. It won’t just all be on the woman’s shoulders as it has traditionally been. That’s my instinct.”

The Latin American star has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. Jessica Alba began her television and film appearances as a child with”Camp Nowhere” and “The Secret World Of Alex Mack”. Her shot at stardom came in 2000 when she was cast as Max Guevara in TV series “Dark Angel”, created by veteran director James Cameron.

On the big screen, Alba has featured in films like “Sin City”, “Fantastic Four”, “Into The Blue”, “Good Luck Chuck”, “The Eye”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Little Fockers”.

She has also worked on other TV shows such as “Flipper” and “The Spoils Of Babylon”. Since 2019, she has starred in the “Bad Boys” spinoff series “L.A.’s Finest” along with Gabrielle Union. She is also backing the show as an executive producer.

Talking about the action in store in season two, Alba said: “There is always a risk (while doing action scenes) that something can go wrong. For season two, we really wanted to make sure that we took as many precautions as you possibly can. We are doing lots of action, and there were a lot of people on set every day. You just want to make sure that only the necessary folks are there and that the professionals are in charge, and everything is buttoned up. We definitely tried to make sure that everything goes smoothly and we took that extra step to just make sure that we all feel safe.”

The second season of the show will go on air in India on Zee Cafe on October 19.

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