Jennifer Aniston Did Not Like To Get S*xualised As Once Confessed By The Actress Herself
Jennifer Aniston Once Confessed That She Did Not Like Being S*xualised In Hollywood(Pic Credit: Instagram)

The American sitcom FRIENDS is still considered one of the most iconic shows as it is still being watched over and over again by people even after it ended way back in 2004. All of its characters were unique and lovable, thanks to the actors who portrayed them. Among them, Jennifer Aniston built an image of herself as somewhat of a ‘Bombshell’.

Aniston has millions of fans who adore her, but she does not like the idea of being a ‘Hollywood Bombshell’. She is majorly known for her s*x appeal and is also depicted as such in quite some movies.



A few years back, Jennifer Aniston spoke about her displeasure with the mentioned title. In an interview with the Instyle, looking back at her old pictures, the actress said, “It feels ironic to be anointed as ‘s*xy’. Bombshell wasn’t really my thing.” She further added, “I thought natural, cute and funny was s*xy, you know?” Aniston also said that she is like just other girls. She went on to say, “To be put in that category, I was like, ‘Oh, this is nice,’ But no, I didn’t have a ‘s*xy’ banner around my waist or start going to ‘s*xy’ school or anything like that. Some days you’re hot, and some days you’re not.”

She skyrocketed to fame with her role as Rachel Green in FRIENDS, her character was known to be a bonafide fashionista, and that persona of her somehow became her identity in the real life as well. Even today, she is known for that character. Not just that, her haircut from the show became popular as the Rachel cut among the ladies back in the day.

Last year, all six actors, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow along with Jennifer Aniston, came together for the FRIENDS reunion.

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